ANC Youth League follows in Zuma’s footsteps

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ANC Youth League follows in Zuma’s footsteps
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ANC Youth League president, Collen Maine, has received a half million Rand “donation” from a coal company after promising to find a political solution that will prevent Eskom from terminating its contract with the company.

According to their billionaire boss Joe Singh, the company, Just Coal, has been forced to pay donations to Gauteng politicians and senior Eskom members.

Maine could never keep his “promise,” and the contract was eventually terminated.

Now Just Coal approached parliament with the request that the contract be reinstated. Maine admitted he received donations, but it was for the youth league and was therefore paid into their account.

The suspended chief executive officer of Eskom, Matshela Koko, whose name is mentioned regarding the transport of coal by a company with which he believes commitments have been made.

The cat is now properly among the chickens as two senior youth league members report that R1 million was promised and only half a million has been received. They suspect the other half is in Collen’s pocket.

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