ANC shows it dishonesty about land expropriation: It is aimed at whites

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ANC shows it dishonesty about land expropriation: It is aimed at whites
ANC shows it dishonesty about land expropriation: It is aimed at whites

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s assertion that land of the Zulu’s Ingonyama Trust Foundation is not considered as part of the process of expropriation without compensation, creates dangerous double standards on the matter.

Pronouncements from Dr Zweli Mkhize, Minister for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, that blacks and traditional leaders are excluded from the envisaged expropriation process, show the true colours of the ANC about the fact that expropriation without compensation is aimed at white people.

These statements reveal the ANC’s previously hidden agenda to target only certain properties on a selective basis.

The leader of the FF Plus, Dr Pieter Groenewald, asked Pres Ramaphosa with the president’s budget debate in parliament precisely who he considers the “unlawful owners” from whom land will be taken since the president said land will be returned to the “rightful owners”.

Now it is clear that white people’s property is being targeted. It is unfair, unreasonable and totally unacceptable. The solution is simple, and it is that the ANC must abandon the entire process of expropriation without compensation.

It is now also clear that the ANC uses the expropriation issue as political propaganda for the forthcoming general election as it makes promises of indemnification against potential supporters and voters.

Expropriation without compensation can not be applied selectively as it pleases the government of the day. This will create a Zimbabwe situation where white farmers were targeted, and their land was handed out to loyal cadres of Pres Robert Mugabe.

The FF Plus’s position on this issue is that expropriation without compensation is totally unacceptable. Article 25 of the Constitution must be applied correctly, and the ANC government must acknowledge that the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform failed with its land reform projects.

If government and the department do their job properly and convert failures into successes, land reform in South Africa will meet the expectations of the people.

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