ANC moves on Hanekom in no confidence vote aftermath

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ANC moves on Hanekom in no confidence vote aftermath
Derek Hanekom - Image - Die Vryburger

Derek Hanekom is one of the ANC white collaborators who will be disciplined after the motion of confidence against Zuma failed.

Hanekom has 10 days to provide reasons why he should not be replaced as chairman of the party’s disciplinary committee.

He was one of the people who expressed severe criticism of Zuma and said he would support the motion of no confidence against Zuma.

According to the ANC, urgent action must be taken against members who violated the party’s constitution and by expelling Hanekom, it would be easier to engage with the other members about their open criticism of the party.

It is interesting that Hanekom, as a white, is the first one lined up, while action against the black members is apparently not yet considered.

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