ANC Members Exhibit Pig-like Behavior in Public

ANC Members Exhibit Pig-like Behavior in Public
ANC culture of violence in South Africa. Photo via Twitter (@fedcb22)

The ANC continue to turn a blind eye, thereby endorsing moral depravity within their ranks. I am literally embarrassed at the arrogance, impunity, disregard and primitive behavior I witnessed.

These ANC members are like pigs in a sexual frenzy – their actions support rape culture, sexual promiscuity and the ongoing marginalization of women in this country.

They should be setting a good example. Instead, the ANC are putting on a pornographic display for the children in the crowd, thus creating new generations of pig-like behavior in our young people.

What a disgrace to the civilized people of South Africa.

Are the ANC trying to convert us into a nation of pigs?

This stinks of disgusting animal-like behavior by our ANC leaders. In a way they release their animal-like urges unfettered, they engorge themselves like pigs in a frenzy at the SA_trough. In the same way, they mistreat the citizens of this country, with their laziness, reckless-abandon, corruption, and blatant disregard for their duties/responsibilities. They should be setting a good example, and show respect in their role as stewards of our environment.

In the way we are obligated to treat an injured animal, we should put these ANC wretches who act this way to a ‘humane end’, like the feral swine they are, profoundly lacking in morals, values, and any semblance of human traits.

No matter how much our government says they will engage the people’s needs, they will never change because the ANC have a different agenda, and they will see it through!

ANC agenda = self-serving corruption = driving all their decisions –> good, bad or ugly.

The ANC will stop at nothing to discredit and tarnish the image of their detractors, especially those that attack President Zuma in particular!

Wake up Black South Africans – The ANC are the imperialist handlers!

The ANC will constantly lie to our faces, and will never focus on the serving the real disadvantaged people – never!

Chris Mapasa
South Africa Today – South Africa News