ANC has to hold hands off the judiciary

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ANC has to hold hands off the judiciary
ANC has to hold hands off the judiciary - Image - Die Vryburger

While imagining that the government respects the courts, is, in fact, undermining the judiciary.

The accusation comes from Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip of FF +.

He said where the public has to a great extent confidence in the judiciary, the ANC government has already managed to undermine the credibility of the legislative and executive authority.

Dr. Mulder mentioned the Sassa- and Omar Al-Bashir affairs as an example and said the ANC openly denied the court ruling in these cases. They did not do what the courts ordered them to do.

“There is currently a big political struggle in the country, and this battle is now moving to the courts. The courts do not want to get involved. It is not the task of a court to interfere with this.”

The Constitution of South Africa makes it very clear in its preamble that the country’s values are based on the Constitution, and the independence of the judiciary and Article 2 of the Constitution states that any law that is contrary to this rule is invalid.

History will show that the country’s legislative authority, the parliament, failed the country. But this is not the whole parliament. It is the ruling party that has used and abused its majority to undermine executive and judicial authority.

“The FF Plus would like to see the judiciary’s hands strengthened and that it is possible to continue with the good work,” said Dr. Mulder.

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