ANC first wants to milk whites dry in South Africa

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ANC first wants to milk whites dry in South Africa
Helen Zille - Image - Die Vryburger

Helen Zille, whose political life is hanging on by a thread after defending certain consequences of colonialism, had to defend herself during a quick debate in the Western Cape legislature.

The ANC, now supported by the EFF, want Zille’s head and want the DA to fire her. The DA leader himself lodged the complaint against Zille within the party structures, and its agreement with the EFF in places like Pretoria and Johannesburg will probably leave himself without any choice but to suspend Zille. It will also open the door for the DA to appoint a black member or at least a colored member as premier of the Western Cape.

During the debate, Zille said the ANC firstly milks the white community dry and then turns to the brown – Indian community to milk them dry, before turning their back against minorities and even black communities.

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