ANC fires Khoza as committee chair

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ANC fires Khoza as committee chair
Dr. Makhosi Khoza, - Image - Die Vryburger

Dr. Makhosi Khoza, the outspoken anti-Zuma ANC MP member, was the first of the ANC’s ministers to feel the fury.

She was summarily dismissed as chairperson of a parliamentary committee because she wanted to do her job and get Minister Faith Muthambi to explain the unauthorized travel for family members at state expense.

Four ANC committee members refused to attend the committee meeting because Khoza was the chairperson. The ANC’s chief whip confirmed that Khoza was removed because an irrevocable breach of trust arose between Khoza and the relevant MPs.

Khoza said that the ANC is setting an atmosphere in which there is room for those who are guilty of state capture and corruption to move freely. She also said she knew the party would fire her because the ANC identified that she was going to take Muthambi to task.

For the time being, Khoza remains a member of parliament until her disciplinary hearing takes place within the ANC. Observers believe, however, that she will be expelled from the ANC and thereby lose her position as MP.

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