ANC boycott farm murder debate, Agaang justify killings

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South African farmer killed and set alight

During the farm killings debate held in parliament after the FF Plus requested it, it was clear that the ANC once again tried to ignore the seriousness of racial bias and distortions. In contrast, members of Agaang said farm murders are justified because farmer’s workers are treated worse than pigs, thus the reason for the killings.

In addition, large numbers of the ANC boycotted the debate and advocate. Anton Alberts of FF + said there were plenty of empty ANC chairs and it portrays they are not serious about the farm murders. Advocate, Alberts said parliament itself showed contempt by organizing committee sittings in the same time slot in which the two debates took place.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader who requested the debate, said the truth about farm murders in South Africa cannot be ignored anymore and highlighted the gruesome and cruel nature of farm murders. “This is not an ordinary crime if people are tortured until they die, where a woman is raped for hours on end while her husband is forced to watch, where people’s heads are crushed and they are on set on fire or where an electric drill is used to drill holes in a woman’s feet. Or, in the Parys attack where a farmer’s testicles were cut off, cooked, and eaten by the attackers. It is shocking and it is the uncomfortable truth about murders. ”

Several participants in the debate, including Terror Lekota of Cope, the FF + supported the call to discuss the murders, saying Zuma created a climate with his rousing songs and claims that land should be taken without compensation.

Other ANC speakers tried to score political points by making petty comments and said the FF Plus did not respond to a few cases where white farmers violated workers such as when a worker was thrown into a lion’s den or when farmers who shot at workers thinking they were animals. Francois Beukman, ANC MP, claimed there is no evidence that the level of brutality in farm murders is unique.

Nathi Nhleko Police Minister condemned statements aimed at encouraging the illegal occupation of farmland.

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