Ahmed Timol was ‘murdered’

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Ahmed Timol was ‘murdered’
Ahmed Timol was 'murdered' - zImage - Die Vryburger

The former terrorists welcome the verdict of Judge Billy Motlhe, who found that Ahmed Timol was murdered.

After about 40 years, the judicial inquiry into Timol’s death was reopened, and a plurality of circumstantial evidence was presented in the case.

On that basis, Motlhe found that Timol’s death amounted to murder and that Timol did not commit suicide by jumping out a window of the police headquarters at John Vorster Square. Motlhe found that Timol was pushed out of a window or pushed away from the roof of the building.

Motlhe said a number of injuries into the death of Timol had shown that he was tortured by members of the security police and there was no respect for human rights.

After the verdict, the family of another former detainee, Mathews Molebane, also wanted “closure.”

It is expected that this verdict is only the beginning of a renewed witch-hunt against the police of that time to justify the actions of those terrorists.

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