Agri SA, forever the appeaser, comes out against protest against farm murders in Senekal

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Agri SA, forever the appeaser, comes out against protest against farm murders in Senekal
Agri SA, forever the appeaser, comes out against protest against farm murders in Senekal

Agri SA has asked people not to support a protest that has at it’s very heart just a plea to the world that slaughter on farmers must stop in South Africa. (As per ETV 1900 news bulletin). Just imagine people. In Afrikaans we would have said : Jy kan my met n veertjie omslaan. But we deliberately write this in English so that people all over the world and speaking different languages can understand what we are trying to say.

Agri SA, really now, those people who are going to Senekal are going to Senekal to ask that murders, rape and torture of your members, your family and your workers must stop. Simple as that. Or would you rather prefer that the murders, attacks, rape and torture on YOUR members and family must continue in silence without the world even knowing? Would you rather want the conspiracy of silence to continue? Would you really want to be carried empty by stock thieves and hacking gangs that chop up your livestock on the spot without people protesting this?

What is it with you liberals? Do you as the leadership of Agri SA even speak for your members anymore?

Weet julle oumas en plaasvroue en boere op die plaas hoe julle aanmekaar bly paai en uitverkoop? Kan julle die ou tannies en ooms wie so uitmekaar geslaan en verkrag word op die plase in die oe kyk as julle vra dat hierdie stadige oorlog teen ons mense in die doofpot gestop word? Ons sit maar bietjie Afrikaans ook in, miskien verstaan julle dit beter. Miskien het julle nog bietjie skaamte in julle.
About us calling Agri SA a liberal organization. Can you deny that Agri SA is n liberal organization?

In fact, the trendy lefties in khaki, the Mercedes and BMW driving mega farmer who are sitting with the ANC around the table, calling them friends, giving your support to EWC because you know that deals have been done under the table in which you guys will keep your mega farms and farming corporations?

Can you deny that you, Agri SA, is a silent partner in that rotten communist landgrab plan called EWC that will see the well connected liberal mega farmer keep their farms but wil see the ordinary family farm and smallholding owner bear the brunt of landgrabs, both legal according to the EWC law and illegally taken in land invasions.

What is it with liberals that you are such sellouts? Can you deny that you are sellouts?
You don’t want to talk about the vicious nature of farm attacks, you don’t want to talk about the thousands of dead, the murdered children, women and men, the raped women, the victims left maimed after a horrific cruel attack. You don’t want to talk about people left scarred for life. Why?

Why would you want the world not to know about this? Why would you want this to be kept a secret?

Almost the same as a family which don’t want to talk about some dark secret. The victims, the dead children, women and men can’t be kept a dark secret anymore Agri SA. The world must know now. The world will know. You liberals are becoming irrelevant. Your liberal leftover organizations are bound to shrink and vanish.

Liberalism is being exposed fast. Very fast. You Agri SA will be exposed as well. You have just been exposed.
Your members that have been victims must know, will know, what you are busy with. You won’t stop our momentum Agri SA.
You won’t stop our momentum, liberal media won’t stop it, no liberal will stop it, the EFF won’t stop it.

Move aside, so that we who actually know what we are talking about can move past you. Fall to the back where you belong you, cowards.
#ThisEndsNow #BreakTheSilence. Protest we will. We are not fighting against other races. We are fighting for the right of our people not be murdered, raped, hurt and robbed like this.

For the record, Agri SA does not even keep statistics about farm murders and attacks. The organizations that do are Oorgrens veiligheid, TLU SA, Afriforum and Toekomsvonk.

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