Afrikaners in the ANC are eventually all destroyed

Afrikaners in the ANC are eventually all destroyed

André Lötter, a former IFP and former ANC councillor from Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal applied for political asylum in Réunion after claiming that his life was in danger for revealing ANC election fraud. Lötter (fortunately NO relation to yours truly) is a man with a lot of worries at the moment.

He claims that his farm was taken away from him, that his vehicle was set ablaze, and that his family suffered all kinds of harassment and persecution after he took the ANC and IEC to court for fraud during a by-election last year.

Did mr Lötter seriously think that anybody would be very much surprised by his whistle-blowing about fraud? Corruption in this country happens in the open where everybody can see it. Maybe Mr Lötter would rather consider where the real problem started necessitating his hasty flight to Réunion:

  1. What was he doing in the ANC in the first place? Did he never notice how Afrikaners in the ANC are eventually all destroyed? If I had it in my possession, I’d give him Carl Niehaus’ phone number to share stories – but he also disappeared off the radar.
  2. Lötter left the ANC after the dispute, joined the IFP, left after two months, joined the NFP and are now an independent politician living on a state benefit by the French government on a remote island because his wife, born in Uganda, did not need a visa for the flight there. Doesn’t this look like a political grasshopper always looking for a greener blade of grass somewhere? That is how politics work – if you are in it for your own sake, it eventually destroys you.
  3. It is very interesting that mr Lötter refers to Réunion as a place where people find it “normal” to see a white man with a black wife. Are we to presume from the statement that mr Lötter regards it, deep down, as not “normal” to have a black wife in South Africa? Why do I think mr Musi Maimane will not agree with that particular statement?

Long and short of it is, like all Afrikaners who leave behind the values and customs of their own and join the ranks of those in opposition to Afrikanerdom, Andre Lötter learned a valuable and very hard lesson: When the sh*t hits the fan, you stand alone, because sure as hell, no sympathy from here.

Daniel Lötter
Information Department: Front National SA

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