Afrikaners have the right to freedom – Die Boere-Afrikanervolksraad

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Afrikaners have the right to freedom – Die Boere-Afrikanervolksraad
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Since the election of the Volksraad in 2011, the Boere-Afrikaner Volksraad in Pretoria gave feedback on their work done over the past few years.

The speakers at the meeting were Mr Paul Kruger of the VVK [Assembly Election Commission] and the chairman of the Boere-Afrikanervolksraad, Mr Andries Breytenbach.

It was clear that a huge amount of work was performed. He referred to the conversation that was held with representatives of the regime in relation to the right to freedom of the Boer nation. There were also problems encountered with feedback from the regime and a follow-up meeting with the regime.

Mr Kruger was referring to the memorandum prepared and its availability for purchase. It discusses all the activities to date with supporting evidence. It starts with Jan Van Riebeeck’s arrival in the Cape and continues up until today. The memorandum includes maps of the various Boer republics.

He requested the people to become passionately involved in the activities for freedom. According to Mr. Kruger, the domestic remedies are exhausted and that the Volksraad has now turned to the outside world for help. It is expected that the international community will begin to intervene after May 31.

In his response, the Chairman of the Volksraad Mr Andries Breytenbach referred to the R3 billion rand that was given to the blacks and said that it allows us to claim the right to freedom and we can enforce that right.

The memorandum was handed over to the European Union and the French government and a copy sent to the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Various embassies in South Africa received a copy of the memorandum and we are still waiting for a response from the Israel and Japan Embassies.

Information should be disseminated and people should get involved. It must be acted upon within the law and not forget that the real enemy moves between us. He also urged people to focus on the tertiary education of our children and remember that is not found in public schools. Furthermore, he requested that the feeling in our hearts should be right and that we do everything with earnest seriousness.

He also pointed out what important is that “once you lie down, it’s hard to stand up.”

Finally, he requested that February 27 should be a day of fasting, and now the time has begun to work on a mandate that will be given to Parliament before a future election takes place.

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