Afrikaner must fight the ‘battle’ regardless of numbers

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Afrikaner must fight the ‘battle’ regardless of numbers
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We must fight regardless of how many people are following us. We have the responsibility to move forward, without stopping and looking back. There are still many people who feel like we do. We must accept the challenges of history and manually take the path, even though we do not know the numbers. We have a duty as believers, as Afrikaners, as Boers, and we will endure to the end, in the hands of our Creator.

This was the message from the leader of the HNP, Mr. Andries Breytenbach, attending a meeting held over the weekend in Pretoria.

He gave an overview of the political situation in which the Afrikaner found himself, saying that the events in Coligny were probably a test for white people to see what they were doing when villages were attacked. Secondly, it is to distract the attention of the ANC’s internal problems. “What would it look like if everytime a white man is killed and such action took place?” asked Breytenbach.

Mr. Breytenbach said “we need to become prepared and to appoint people in towns and cities who can take charge, guide and lead our people to make a wall of resistance. There must be acts of strength, and our people should not be perplexed and despondent.”

The problem is not Zuma, but the government. The biggest proof of this is from the dialogue of the former presidents, who said: “the rose was sick.” It sounds more like a sick cactus …

Mr. Breytenbach said people become discouraged because their identity is being destroyed. “There is a disappointment in the politics of the country after wrong political parties have the support. It’s not the politics that failed, but the political parties. ”

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