Sunette Bridges and family survive home-invasion

Afrikaner activist Sunette Bridges & family survive attack-attempt by black home-invaders, Woodhill (*a high-security golf-estate).

On Sunette Bridges News Page: June 6 2014. She wrote:

“For months we have had breakins here with us at Woodhill. There is not a security measure which has not yet been taken.
However we suspect that someone who lives here, is driving in this rubbish themselves.
So yesterday-morning (June 52014) it was our turn. Fortunately my sons get up very early to exercise and my 15-year-old son saw them on our stoep.

“it was about chaos here in my house with men phoning security, collecting flashlights and golfing sticks and preparing for war.

“However they saw us more inside the house and fled.

“After we reported the incident, we received this picture from our neighbours who woke up at 04h30 when someone broke open their door.

“This picture was taken with their security camera. These men walked straight from their house to ours.
“Now I ask you with tears in my eyes, what more must a person do to protect yourselves – other than 8foot-electric fencing,
guards with gates, alarms, cameras and armed security not scaring this stuff away?”



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