Afrikaner delegation to visit Trump?

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Afrikaner delegation to visit Trump?
Donald Trump

A group on social media Facebook, are exerting themselves to send a delegation to the designated American president, Donald Trump, to discuss the Afrikaner’s situation and to find possible solutions.

The group known as Kommando Sorg: LEDE Groep, claim that they have more than 200,000 fans, have now launched a fundraising effort to pay the cost of the trip to America.

After the visit by Mr. Henk van de Graaf on behalf of TAU who brought the Minority Issues to the UN Forum in Geneva in November last year, and his presentation there, the group asked him if he would be willing to visit Trump. The group believe that the Afrikaner Activist and singer Steve Hofmeyr should accompany Van de Graaf to America.

Mr. van de Graaf has already indicated that he would be prepared to go, and a reply from Steve Hofmeyr is still expected.

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