AfriForum queries special treatment of Malema


AfriForum queries special treatment of Malema
AfriForum queries special treatment of Malema. Photo: AfriForum

AfriForum will be closely watching the manner in which the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) handles the charge that was laid against Julius Malema, Leader of the EFF. The NPA indicated that they already made a decision surrounding the prosecution of Malema, but that they refuse to make their decision known.

This follows after AfriForum laid charges against Malema after he fired off shots with an object resembling an assault rifle during the EFF’s five-year festivities in 2018. The EFF’s spokespersons denied that the object was a real firearm and later alleged that it was crackers that exploded on the rhythm of the object.

The NPA and SAPS are hesitating to provide AfriForum, as the complainant in this case, with proper feedback. It is regrettable that the prosecuting authorities are releasing a progress report to the media, but not to the complainant. In the case of AfriForum’s telephonic enquiries indeed being answered, it is being kept in the dark.

After AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit earlier this year indicated at a media conference that it intends to prepare a court application to force the NPA to make a decision regarding the prosecution of Malema, the NPA enthusiastically appeared to make a decision whether to prosecute Malema or not.

From the approach of the NPA and the SAPS regarding the charge, it seems as though Malema is being treated differently compared to other citizens and that his interests will triumph over that of the complainant and the wider community.

“A blatant display of a serious offence is the last thing that can be tolerated in South Africa, especially when the violence that currently reigns in the country is taken into consideration. The example being set by prominent political figures in the country must be approached with great cautiousness. If suchlike example is not in accordance with proposed legislation, the consequences need to be thorough and decisive,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.

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