Acute Betrayal of Black Consciousness in South Africa

Acute Betrayal of Black Consciousness in South Africa
The Argument against South Africa's Democracy

Black Consciousness has gone terribly awry. I am proud to be an original black consciousness supporter, born in the anti-apartheid era, and well-grounded in Christian values.

It is interesting to note that much of my time today is spent educating our people – holding the smelling salts to the nose of blacks who don’t know their history. I try to wake them up to the terrible betrayal that is occurring today in our beautiful country of South Africa.

Can’t you see it? The loss of our Christian values, and the twisting of the truth, the mutation from what Steve Biko fought for?

This plays itself out in the decline in morality in our leaders and government monolith. Look deeper – our infrastructure is failing, the corruption and arrogance, the lying and stealing, the fading away of our nation’s credibility, the complete absence of common sense and long term vision by our so called ‘elected leaders’ in the ANC.

The leaders we elect are a direct reflection of our Black Consciousness. That doesn’t say much for our sense of self.

After the last decade of stealing, corruption and mismanagement by the ANC, I say that we are lulled into numbness, and are currently exercising our ‘Black Unconsciousness.’

Our elected leaders are an embarrassment to us all – we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing our fallen heroes like Steve Biko and Chris Hani to be ignored. Not only are they being ignored, but their words and philosophies are being twisted by a tyrannical ANC government who are playing a game of thrones on the tragic underclass.

How and why do we allow this horrific betrayal of our people to continue? We have allowed our core values as a people to be sold to the devil in sheep’s clothing. What happened to our impenetrable pride as black people, as Africans?

Time to do what’s right, black South Africa and invest in a more conscious future and it starts with electing leaders with integrity.

Menzi Solomon Shange
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