A typical South African brain teaser

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A typical South African brain teaser
A typical South African brain teaser. Photo: Front National SA

Black people in South Africa are poor, uneducated and unemployed. The EFF says it is because of “white monopoly capital”. The ANC says it is the result of “apartheid”. Mmusi Maimane of the DA blames “White privilege” – all just variants of the same thing: Blame the 8% politically powerless white minority.

So, now to a solution: Let us take the Venda Building Society, turn it into a bank for black people only…
(Can you imagine the hysteria if anybody should suggest opening a bank for white people only?!)

This bank will create, through loans and financing, new enterprises for black people and consequently job opportunities. As part of the service, the bank pays at least R2 milliard under the table to organisations, individuals and Municipal big whigs to ensure that Municipal accounts are transferred to VBS. In the process the State President gets his cut, the King features somewhere and a Shivambu or two from the EFF gets his pound of flesh.

The bank collapses, as is to be expected

Yesterday they sacked 94 employees, leaving the bank with only 26 employees, including two managers for the last two branches: Thohoyando and Makhado.

Instead of creating jobs, 94 more jobs are now lost. Along with that also the money of already poor pensioners. And everybody who received a cut of the R 2 milliard either denies involvement or refuses to comment.

The 94 employees are now furious. They say they now have to suffer because of other people’s mistakes (“mistakes” being the current day South African euphemism for anything from incompetence through corruption to downright daylight robbery).

They plan to take to the streets to protest. This probably means that they will be joined by a few hundred professional protesters who join every possible protest they know of anyway. During the planned protest, one can expect a few shops to be looted and clinics or schools to be burned down. They won’t get their jobs back, because VBS Bank is bankrupt. But a number of other people will also be unemployed because of the damage of the protest to businesses and infrastructure.

Here is the brainteaser:

With all these facts, please help Front National understand how they are going to spin it in such a way that the white man is to blame for all of this?

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