Savage murder campaign against white South African farmers

Savage murder campaign against white South African farmers
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Ilana Mercer reports on a documentary film by the South African television program Carte Blanche that tells of “orgiastic killing sprees” and unspeakable atrocities being carried out against Afrikaner farmers by blacks. As of early 2006, over 2,000 white farmers had been murdered. It sounds worse than what happened in Zimbabwe.

What is there to say? What is there to do? The Western world is not race-neutral and non-racist, as it claims, any more than Britain is against the “stirring up of racial hatred,” since its race hatred law is only enforced against whites, not against Muslims who are doing and saying things infinitely worse than any white. No, the West is anti-white, out of guilt or hatred for whites’ supposed sins. Our supposed ideology of non-discrimination really means murderous discrimination against the once-dominant whites, carried out in order to drag them down and raise up the nonwhites. Pace the dreams of well-meaning liberals and neoconservatives, equality under the law is not some independent spiritual essence that becomes operative by itself. Living human beings must believe in it, defend it, and enforce it. But who is there to defend and enforce it, since, as I explained here, liberal anti-racism from the moment of its inception denies whites’ status as moral agents and thus takes away their standing to protest injustices done against themselves? And if we are not for ourselves, who will be for us?


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Not to leave unanswered the dilemma I posed above, how could whites have brought about racial justice for nonwhites without turning themselves into right-less victims? The answer, laid out in the article linked in the previous paragraph, is that they should have taken whatever measures were needed to remove those elements of racial discrimination that were truly wrong and unacceptable, while still maintaining and asserting their, the whites’, position as the ruling majority, or, in the case of South Africa, as the ruling minority. Once whites gave up their right and their place as the dominant group, they didn’t merely become “equal” with the minorities, they became the moral equivalent of aristocrats and bourgeoisie and priests in Lenin’s Russia, the moral equivalent of land owners in Mao’s China, the moral equivalent of people wearing reading glasses in Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

The underlying point is that liberal neutrality cannot operate by itself, but is only possible within the limits and standards set by an actual culture. To paraphrase what Jim Kalb says in another blog entry today, equal-rights liberalism depends on a state of society that rests on an authoritative majority culture that liberalism eventually destroys, because if self-defining equality comes first there’s nothing to support a substantive standard.


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I asked Ilana Mercer:


If thousands of Afrikaner farmers are being brutalized and murdered like this how is it that they just remain on their farms waiting to be killed? Why haven’t they fled? Yes, it tells of people arming themselves to the teeth, but surely many must have fled, as in Zimbabwe.

She wrote back:


Americans do not understand how hard it is to immigrate. I find most Americans think that if you apply to enter, well then, the U.S., Canada, or Australia will let you in. NOT SO. It is virtually impossible to immigrate legally to the U.S., Canada, and Australia if you do not have the right qualifications or huge sums of money. This of course should make for commentary about our immigration system, which selects for law-breaking, venality, and risk taking, etc. I’ve dealt with that somewhat here. Our refugee policies should favor the Boer, but we favor the likes of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”—more photogenic. Where do you think the Zim. farmers fled to? The U.S.? No. Most left for South Africa, as far as I know. Some might have had British passports. The Boers don’t have that.

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Karen W. writes


I sent you an email about this documentary about 10 days ago with the links to the film clips. One part of the Carte Blanche Documentary is still available here.There is also a Sky News clip…


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