198 Members of Parliament prefer fraud over integrity

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198 Members of Parliament prefer fraud over integrity
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When 198 members of a parliament choose in favor of state capture, fraud, corruption, nepotism and more, then that country has a low point in its history.

Observers say that in a civilized and developed country such a thing is unheard of, but in a third world country in Africa, parliamentarians salaries and fringe benefits count more than morals, norms, and values.

Jacob Zuma will go down in the history of South Africa as a corrupt leader who sold out the country to foreigners at the expense of his own followers and the inhabitants of the country.

It is the comment of analysts after the motion of no confidence in Jacob Zuma failed in parliament.

Opposition parties, however, are cheerful that 26 ANC members supported the motion of no confidence, which is an indication that the ANC is losing support, and could be costly in the 2019 election.

Meanwhile, Zuma gloried about surviving the eighth motion of no confidence. “They always try. They do not learn. You can not beat the ANC ” was his comment on his victory.

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