14 Days of Hell South Africa is Burning VIDEO

14 Days of Hell South Africa is Burning VIDEO
Anger of election candidates to erupt nationwide VIDEO

Fourteen days of violent riots, protests and destroying South Africa. The compilation of the video illustrates how disastrous events between May 25 and June 8 this year, a total of 14 days is the reality of what is happening in South Africa. Riots around the country, from Johannesburg to Witbank, and Durban, plus other isolated incidents show the destruction caused by hooligans running amok. Hundreds of unemployed, frustrated and intimidated mobs are burning down South Africa, destroying property, looting shops and more. If this is the damage and destruction done in 14 days what does the future hold?

A video that the government and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) do not want you to see, real events that will not be aired on television. Recently the state-controlled television and the African National Congress (ANC) have banned the viewing of protests on television. The reason, violence will influence the youngsters in South Africa. It is all a cover up, the beginning of censorship to intimidate the 40 million ignorant masses who believe every word the ANC throw up.

Why are the people protesting? It has been 22 years of ANC democracy and freedom, yet the failure to meet the growing population’s demands has spiraled out of control. Are the protestors either intimidated by other political parties or genuinely frustrated with ruling party. Service deliveries and wrecked infrastructure, no housing, no food and no work all form part of the frustrations. However, being unemployed millions will be intimidated to ignite violence and protest for the sake of a pittance. Are political parties threatened the masses?

The ANC have done nothing for the multitudes since coming into power. It has been about the elite, close friends and family who benefit handsomely, not the poor people. Is there a future for South Africa under the ANC government, probably not a bright one? After 22 years, the country has been turned into a showcase of rioting, criminal activities. A trend that is set to continue until somebody wakes up and stops the carnage and destruction. Who will that be, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Julius Malema, definitely not, it would be worse? Malema has made so many promises to the mindless mobs and will never be able to deliver. Under the ANC South Africa will continue to burn, under the EFF the country will turn into a war-zone of mayhem.

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