Educo Academy’s Learn & Earn Program revolutionises tertiary education

Educo Solutions, the organisation that supplies accredited education to people across South Africa, has just launched an exciting, enabling program that gives participants an opportunity to make money whilst studying. The aptly named Learn & Earn Program is available on digital service, Educo Academy, an online learning portal that allows Educo students to participate in the program from anywhere in South Africa. Educo’s four learning centres in Gauteng also provide valuable face-to-face facilitation and training support for those in Gauteng.

The Learn & Earn Program costs only R250 per month, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. This monthly cost is offset by innovative income-earning opportunities that make it possible for students to start making money within the first month of beginning the program. To achieve this, Educo Academy has partnered with industry-leading companies and institutions, forming a thriving network that students will be able to access when signing up. This win-win situation means that students will learn critical skills to make them employment-prepared, as well as be given real opportunities to start working, gain experience and change their lives.

“This is an incredibly exciting program,” says Ayanda Mankwanazi, Educo’s Head of Facilitation. “We have seen huge interest from across South Africa, and we really believe that it addresses this collective need to up-skill through education. When you couple this with the opportunity to earn cash in a real-world working environment, it makes Learn & Earn distinctly different to what’s out there, and incredibly attractive to job-seeking individuals.” All a person needs is a device to connect to Educo Academy. The Educo Unlimited SIM card – supplied to participants once they are successfully registered and enrolled – gives them free access to the app.

“Over and above the free access to the Educo Academy App, the Educo Unlimited SIM card includes an initial R100 free airtime for students, and double data and airtime when students top up,” continues Ayanda. “This innovation in remote learning opens up our services to the entire nation. Our existing students who have received the new Educo Unlimited SIM card, have had the opportunity to continue their studies during the lockdown period, and many more now have the opportunity to join our programs and better themselves.”

Educo Academy Learn and Earn Program participants based in Gauteng have the opportunity partake in additional face to face training and support at existing learning centres situated in Alex Mall, Protea Glen Shopping Mall, Diepkloof Square Shopping Centre and the newest addition in the Libridge Building, Braamfontein. Using the Educo Academy app is, however, sufficient for students to complete the program.

In addition to being able to work his or her way through the program on the Educo Academy app, each student is assigned to a facilitator who offers support on WhatsApp, either to his or her group or on a one-on-one basis. The Learn & Earn Program has been designed to give participants a head start when it comes to employment opportunities, but the onus is on them to put in the effort and make the program work best for them. “These opportunities are available to everyone over the age of 18,” says Ayanda.

The initial three-month program starts with an introduction to income earning opportunities and includes assessments focused on marketing, sales, buying motives, client targeting and customer retention. This is followed by an in-depth series of lessons that cover entrepreneurship, financial management, negotiation skills, product positioning and more. Practical implementation of income generating opportunities allows participants to earn money while they learn. In the final month, students are taught how to maximise their income earning through advanced critical skills and access to additional opportunities, learning more about effective communication, customer interaction, interpersonal skills and deal closing. At the end of this period, those who have successfully completed the program receive a certificate of completion, and the opportunity to qualify for further advanced programs.

For the thousands of South Africans currently looking for opportunities to earn money and the chance to up-skill themselves, the Learn & Earn Program provides a valuable springboard into the working world.

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