Zapper Mobile Payment App Hits 1 Million Downloads

When planning to introduce any new app technology to an already saturated market, there are three all-important characteristics required to ensure success. It must be fresh, innovative and life-changing.

If the numbers are anything to go by, the Zapper mobile payment app is all that and more.

Earlier this week Zapper celebrated a momentous milestone by achieving one million downloads.

This landmark achievement comes just three short years after Zapper and it’s ‘scan to pay’ QR codes made their entrance onto the South African restaurant circuit. Since then, Zapper has experienced significant growth.

Through smart and strategic expansion across verticals that include hospitality, retail, ecommerce, bills, fuel and convenience, and donations, the award-winning app has steadily exceeded industry benchmarks, revolutionising payment technology and certifying its position as more than just a smartphone payment method.

Today, it stands as a lifestyle application with one million downloads and one million reasons to be proud of its accomplishment.

“This is a proud moment for Zapper. Over the last few years we have endeavoured to build a product that would impact the mobile payments arena and drive innovation forward,” said Will Heygate, General Manager for Zapper South Africa.

Where many great apps have met with scorching hot fanfare, only to lose public interest and fade into obscurity in the months following their release, Zapper has built a noteworthy presence in fourteen countries around the world, including the UK, Spain and the tough-to-crack US market.

“We would like to thank all our users for their continued support and feedback; which has been instrumental to our global success,” said Will Heygate. “As Zapper paves the way to the future, we will continue to provide our users with a product that enriches their lives.”

Zapper is currently available for free download on the app stores for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.