GEZE LED Sensor Foot Switch for Automatic Door Systems

GEZE LED Sensor Foot Switch for Automatic Door Systems

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Monday 10 December 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

GEZE is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of building technology. GEZE creates individual, customized solutions for complete door, window and safety technology, and offer an extensive range of services.

“Our high company standards ensure that our products contribute to innovative building concepts and provide barrier-free access, comfort and safety in building technology” said Charles Constantin, the managing director of GEZE Middle East.

The operation and access of doors, as well as the opening and closing of windows are vital elements in barrier-free building design. As part of its aesthetically discerning, economically representative and realizable solutions, GEZE removes all barriers during the planning stages. In addition, provide expert advice and instrumental information on the topic of barrier-free design.

Automatic doors can usually be activated either automatically by radar sensors mounted above the door or manually, using elbow switches or access controls. The new and robust GEZE LED sensor foot switch is suitable for in-floor installation.  This is useful for applications such as restaurants, where personnel must be able to quickly and conveniently open and close doors even with their hands full. In the medium term, the LED sensor foot switch re- places the GEZE foot contact switch, which switches pneumatically.

With this LED sensor foot switch,  GEZE offers  hygienic and force-free activation for automatic doors. Like all LED sensor buttons, it is easy to clean without compromising its functionality. In contrast, pneumatic foot contact switches suffer from complaints due to ageing of the rubber membrane. Customers also complain that the foot contact switch must be pressed to enforce an activation signal.

The GEZE LED sensor foot switch is floor mounted and is used to activate automatic doors. It can be mounted on many types of flooring; a separately available vertically adjustable base assembly allows it to be mounted on the upper edge of the unfinished floor, especially  if a screed floor is added. And it allows an easier connection to the GEZE door control unit’s contact sensors.

It is possible to mount the sensor foot switch on unfinished floors. To do so, the optionally available base assembly is mounted on the floor, the external flexible tube (on site) is attached, the cable connection is pre- pared, and then the screed can be poured. The base assembly can be used for floor depths between 80 and 215 mm above the level of the unfinished floor and can be shortened accordingly via a scale on the base.

The GEZE LED sensor foot switch has a high IP protection rating of IP69K as a standard, so that the electric components are protected against dampness and moisture. Tempered glass and a one-piece milled floor element offer additional protection to the sensor. The sensor can withstand a weight of up to a half a ton (500 kg).

“Sustainability has always been at the core of GEZE‘s business model – Right from research, development and manufacturing of our products all the way through to after sales support,” concludes Charles Constantin.

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