Use a steel barrel pen as a self-defense weapon.

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Visualize yourself in this dangerous situation. You’re walking down the street and someone tries to attack you. You need a weapon to defend yourself and the only items you have on you are your cellphone, wallet and a steel barrel pen in your pocket.

The attacker is seconds away from you. The situation is touch and go at this stage. You don’t have time to run or hide. For your own safety, you need to defend yourself. What are you going to do?

In a situation where you have no choice other than to fight back, it is in your best interest to have a weapon readily available to aid in defending yourself.

Pepper spray is usually kept in a handbag rather than ready at hand and not everybody takes their taser everywhere they go.

However, there are some every day items that can fit in your pocket that, if you are in a touch and go situation, can do some serious damage to an attacker.

Watch this video of former Navy seal, Clint Emerson, giving practical advice on how to use a steel barrel pen as a portable and convenient self-defense weapon.

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