The Risk of Facebook Depression in Teens and Tweens

Facebook Depression in Teens and Tweens

Technology is not less than a wizard that has provided a mankind plenty of innovations over the last decade to the fullest. Starting from the cell phone devices to the cyberspace and social networking apps the potential exposure of the tech-creatures on the human beings cannot be ignored at all.  However, the modern technology and the contemporary social networking apps have their side effects that have forced the parents to think about to protect teens and tweens from social media caused depression especially among the young generation.

Therefore, parents have to realize that what kind of terms they have with their kids and teens. I mean, is there a friendly term with your teens? Or there is trust deficit between you and your teens and teens. Young kids and teens should share their feelings, issues and daily routine life incidents with parents, because it will really keep up to date parents about their kid’s problems.

Hidden issues of your teens and tweens may exploit your child or young teen mentally, physically and emotionally. Today, young kids and teens share their stuff more than their parents to the social media apps such as Facebook. They used to do one-sided communication on the social media accounts by posting their news feed about what they are doing? What they are feeling and what sort of issues they are running with.

The problem lies and start from the cell phone technology, cyberspace and then using the instant messengers such as Facebook. Therefore the excessive use of social messaging apps such as Facebook on the smartphone has put young children to the danger of Facebook depression.

Facebook Depression

Facebook depression

It means that the behavior issue that grows with the passage of time among kids and teens using the Facebook instant messaging app all day long lead teens and tweens to grow up with Facebook depression. Teens and tweens spend such long period of time on the messengers and then begin to exhibit classic symptoms of depression.

With passage of time, the rise and the rise of using Facebook among kids and teens also become the factor of the rising of phenomenon of Facebook depression that has springing up as result of spending too much time using Facebook tools such as private messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations, shared media as photos and videos and Voice messages.

All these activities really consume the high amount of time on the messenger and the user becomes tired mentally, physically and emotionally and even then sudden receiving of message, calls or sharing the stuff on the Facebook ultimately leads teens and tweens nothing, but Facebook depression.

Young teens have to deal with the online predators such as stalkers, cyber bullies, sexual predators and others and ultimately lack of real-life activities their mind don’t want to have a fun with the friends, but to spend time on the artificial world. Parents can monitor Facebook dating app with TOS monitoring software your kids and teens.

Why Facebook leading teens to depression?

Parents usually got worried and confused that how Facebook is causing teens depression. There is not a single factor that causes Facebook depression. Young kids and teens usually want attention from their parents, and if the parents could not do so.

Then they turn towards the stuff like social media platforms where they got the number of online friends, chat conversations and even to meet the people belongs to different cultures, cast, and creeds. They do conversations and fun over there and it is impossible for them finally to ignore the posts, status and even the people that have bullied your teens, tweens or admires in such a way that has touched to their heart and soul.

However, the huge amount of appreciation such as Likes on particular photos makes them happy and vice versa. They also see other fellow Facebook users posts and their luxurious life clicks and want to do the same and if not capable enough then obviously depression, anxiety and piece of inferiority complex cause teens a deep depression.

What Can Be Done?

There are things that parents can do to mitigate the chances of their child developing Face book depression.

  1. To avoid the depression of face book is to set the time limit for your teen. Allow a limited time to spend on the internet. It is not a simple thing, mostly teens or kids would love to spend more and more time on the internet either playing game, checking face book or texting.
  2. Communicate and explain your child that whatever you are looking for Facebook or other social media sites are just a fantasy and imaginary. Don’t waste your time mind in thinking those things. Take all those things positively. What is seen on Facebook should not always be trusted as being the reality?
  3. Explain your teens and tween that their self-esteem is most important than anything else. Their self-esteem should never be tied to the number of “likes” or comments they’ve received on a photo or post.


Excess of everything goes wrong and using Facebook social media app all day long lead your teens and tweens towards noting, but to a Facebook depression. Therefore, parents should impose monitoring of kids and teens to protect them from Facebook depression.

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