Teach peace building for positive change through Netball

As President of Netball America we have worked in conjunction with Rotary Club to use netball as a platform to teach peace building for positive change and also we are funding building a netball court in Stanford.  Five of our team are in Gansbaai this week with 40 girls going through this program.

Mosaic Sanctuary are hosting the US Netball America representatives this week.

The Rotary Global Grant includes funding for building a netball court in Stanford.  To make this dream a reality and make the project sustainable requires additional skill development for players and eventually more women in Stanford to become certified as coaches. The hope is to inspire more young women in the community to become committed to the sport.

Netball America (www.NetballAmerica.com) is the largest Netball organization in the USA in 33 US states and it’s award winning Be An Inspiration Program is being delivered to the girls going through this Peace program through sport this week.  This program has won funding from organizations such as Billie Jean King’s Womens’ Sports Foundation, ESNPw Sports 4 Life and recognition from the NFL Atlanta Falcons Foundation.