Black Friday – Are You Ready for Shopping Madness?

Black Friday – Are You Ready for Shopping Madness?

South Africans are you sure that you are ready to take on the international shopping phenomenon – Black Friday?

This well-known event originated in the United States in the 1950s, and has been gaining momentum in South Africa since 2013. This year it is globally doing the rounds again on the 24th of November.

If you want to partake in this trend, the obvious question you have to ask yourself is: are you sure you can afford to spend a few or a lot of bucks this time of year?

Zeeva’s team wants you to make an educated choice when it comes to your finances. And, therefore shares a few tips on making sure you’ll survive Black Friday and the potential repercussions thereof:

  • Spending lid: Don’t shop-til-you-drop. Make sure you have a budget for Black Friday and know how much you can spend in total.
  • Decisions, decisions: First of all it is important to decide if you want to take on the crowds and queues or if you’d rather shop online.
  • Research beforehand: In order for you to have a successful Black Friday, point out those specials you want and outline your game plan to reach your ‘what you are going to buy’ goals.
  • ‘Sale proof’ your buys: Make sure that what you are going to buy is indeed offered at a reduced price. Ask yourself the following: ‘Do these one-day sales yield the best savings I have seen all year?’
  • Safety first: So you decided to stand in the queues this year… Remember to rather take a small handbag – keeping your personal belongings a bit closer to avoid any pickpocketing. Also, park your car in a secure spot, be aware of your surroundings and don’t buy more than you can carry – otherwise you may be an easy victim of theft. If you are going to take the ‘online route’ instead – also be aware of distributing your personal information and account details. Make sure that the sites you use are secure and trustworthy to avoid identity theft.
  • Oops – some aftereffect trouble: Okay, so Black Friday happened and you went a bit overboard. Be honest with yourself – debt is not a future you want for yourself. Take a look at your current financial situation and where you have a major problem. It is always good to go and see your banker or financial planner to get your finances in a better spot again. For all the ladies out there – Zeeva offers a unique debt-free programme for over-indebted women. Get in contact with the Zeeva team via free SMS: send your name and ZEEVA to 30967.