7 Top Tips For Younger Looking Skin At Any Age

Achieving younger looking skin at any age may not be as impossible as you might imagine. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting financial stress and a surgeon’s knife. Instead, we’re going to give you some simple insights into what promotes skin ageing and advice about what you can do to prevent it (or at the very least, slow it down).

Knowing that regular masks and peels will help keep the skin in prime condition and that adding a good retinol cream to your skincare regime is crucial, may seem like simple advice. But with all the different products and procedures available, it can be difficult to make sense of it all.

By implementing our 7 tops tips into your life right now, your skin seem younger and healthy. And by continuing to incorporate these top tips you can have younger-looking skin at any age.


A good skincare routine is one of the most important things you can do to maintain youthful skin. But while most of us cleanse and moisturise twice daily, chances are you’re doing it wrong.

One of the main problems is that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to managing and maintaining our skin health. And you may find that regular visits to a skin care professional are helpful in understanding your specific needs.

For instance, there are many different types of chemical peels. Each has a distinct purpose and is suitable for a particular skin type. Here’s a video if you’d like to know more how chemical peels work.

  • There are many reasons our skincare may be inefficient. It could be as simple as using the wrong products to no consideration of genetics.
  • Results from good quality skincare products can take time, so do give up if you see immediate results.
  • Don’t use too many different products. And try those recommended by your skin care specialist.
  • At the very least you need a good moisturiser to help lock in the skin’s natural moisture. This also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and gives the skin a youthful glow.  But you also need something that won’t make your skin too dry or oily, promoting wrinkles and breakouts.
  • It’s so important to wash your face effectively. Always wash twice a day and make sure the water is warm and use a mild, soap-free cleanser. If you’re prone to oiliness you may want a gel cleanser.

Sun protection

For youthful skin, you must incorporate sun protection as part of your daily routine. A  quality sunscreen will filter out ultraviolet radiation. Protecting you from sunburn, skin cancer and premature ageing.

It’s also important to know that the sun exposes us to three different types of ultraviolet radiation and each impacts our skin in different ways.

  • UVA rays are the ones that cause wrinkles and causes uneven skin tone and texture.
  • UVB actually burns our skin but can also cause cancer.
  • UVC is powerful but less of a concern since it doesn’t penetrate the atmosphere and is not considered a health risk to humans.
  • You need broad-spectrum sun protection which protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen labelled with an SPF will only protect you from the burning aspects of the sun’s rays.
  • Even if you slather on the sun protection cream, it’s recommended that you don’t spend too many hours in the sun. Wear protective clothing and avoid the sun altogether through the heat of the day.
  • Your skin needs Vitamin D from the sun but it’s important not to make tanning part of your skincare routine. Tanning will lead to premature ageing and sunspots amongst others.


Whether applied to the skin or consumed as part of a healthy diet, vitamins are essential for healthy, young-looking skin. They also have anti-ageing capabilities.

Vitamins play many roles in our skin health. So, it’s important to educate yourself and choose a healthy, varied diet.

  • Some vitamins, such as vitamin E, form part of many skin care products. But it’s thought that absorbing them through the food we eat is key. So, add plenty of nuts and seeds to salads, smoothies or eat them as a healthy snack.
  • Leafy green vegetables are rich in Vitamin A and great for healthy skin. Vitamin A is applied to the skin in the form of retinol and is a must for you anti-ageing skincare.
  • Your body needs vitamins to help it function properly and this includes for skin health too. But it’s not only our skin that looks amazing when we eat a healthy balanced diet, hair and nails are also at there best.


As we age the effects of alcohol on our skin health become only too plain and a puffy face and red skin are the least of it. A dry complexion and excessive wrinkles can also be attributed to alcohol intake. The truth is alcohol is terrible for the skin.

The safest level of alcohol is no alcohol. It’s responsible for a myriad of chronic illness, social problems and premature ageing.

For most of us, this is unrealistic since alcohol forms a big part of how we socialise and relax. But there are some basic things you can do to keep on top of that alcohol intake and save your skin.

  • Don’t consume alcohol every day and drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage to better manage your intake.
  • Cocktails are particularly bad because they contain white spirits and lots of sugar. But don’t believe all the myths around the health benefits of red wine either. In truth, regularly drinking red wine could leave your skin looking red, blotchy and dry.
  • Kombucha has become a popular, more healthy alternative to alcohol. It’s less sweet than fresh juice, making it more palatable as an alcohol replacement. Plus it contains less sugar and is famed for its many other health benefits.

Exercise and rest

If your skin looks sluggish and dull, the simplest remedy could be more sleep and exercise. The fact is that a healthy sleeping pattern and regular exercise are good for our overall health.

  • Exercise is great for our heart and lungs, for example, which reflects in our skin health.
  • Assess your sleeping patterns because too little, or too much is bad for the complexion.
  • A workout will immediately give you a glowing,  more youthful appearance.
  • Good circulation moves oxygen and nutrients around and transports toxins away from cells.
  • Studies have shown the anti-ageing effects of exercise on cognitive and physical wellbeing. It’s also been shown to slow cell ageing.
  • Quality nighttime sleep at night is important because this is when the skin goes into repair mode, reproducing collagen and fixing all the days damage.

Mental & emotional health

The sebaceous glands are influenced by stress hormones, promoting more oil production. But it’s not only stress that promotes unhealthy skin. Psychodermatology considers the way our mental and emotional health also affects our skin health.

  • Psychodermatology clinics are opening globally, addressing skin health and ageing from a more holistic perspective.
  • Improve skin health by identifying and lowering stress levels.
  • The connection between your skin health and emotional state is worth exploring.


Dehydration has a major impact on our skin and can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Despite this, many of us still struggle to consume enough water throughout the day.

  • Hydration is important year-round. In the winter, the skin loses moisture due to the dry, indoor heating.
  • Try drinking herbal teas, there’s a massive range of flavours out there. Water-based soups are also a good winter option. Load them with vegetables for extra vitamins and minerals and achieve a youthful, winter glow.
  • Hydrate by eating water-rich fruits such as strawberries and watermelon.
  • Get into the habit of having a glass of water when you wake up and before each meal.

The bottom line

These proven tips for maintaining and promoting healthy, glowing skin are simple and easy to follow. This advice will not only give you a youthful complexion but will also have a positive effect on your overall well being. And that’s not a coincidence since our skin is the bodies first line of defence against external elements.

Bear in mind that dull and ageing skin may also be your body trying to tell you something is wrong. So, if you can figure out how to exist in a more balanced, healthy way, your skin will thank you. And as a bonus, your great skin will be the first thing others will notice too.

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