5 Traditional Gifts for Your Girlfriend But With A Twist

Valentine Gifts
Gifts for Valentine

Do you really think that diamond is her best friend? Well, it is a myth. A girl’s best friend is her favourite food. Whenever she is upset, stressed or gloomy, take a bag of fries or a chocolate cake and see the transformation yourself. Her mood will turn into a rainbow from being blue, right from the first bite.

Guys, girls are not high maintenance at all. You don’t have to go over and beyond to make them happy. Just some little sweet gestures from you and they will cackle like a kid. This same principle is applied when it comes to gifting something to them. They do not need moons and stars, mountains and mansions, just gift them something pretty and that could can be used in their daily life and they will be joyous like Santa at Christmas. To remove any dilemma as what should be presented to your girl which is cliché but doesn’t feel like it, we are enlisting some traditional gifts that comes with a beautiful twist which makes these cheesy and ordinary gifts quite special ones and trust us, these will be treasured more than any jewellery

  1. A Soft Blanket With Sleeves

She will forget her glam dresses because of this. These blankets are so snugly and she will never have to take her hand out to go to the kitchen for her hot chocolate mug or to munch on a bag of chips. She will never want to come out of it and who knows she might make a little room in it for you too. Wink;

  1. Dry Shampoo

Shampoo nevertheless but without the hassle of washing hair. What else does a girl need! No girl has time to wash her hair daily, so, either she is late to work more often due to hair wash regime or she is in a high ponytail to hide the oil build up in her hair. With this all she need to do is to just spray it in her hair and all the greasiness will vanish. She just needs to comb and she will be ready to leave.

  1. Packs of Stylish Scrunchies

Do you guys have any idea of the number of scrunchies that girls lose in a year? Its infinite! But they keep buying more, because they are these cute little bands that look so pretty on any hairstyle. So gift a bunch of stylish scrunchies, ones with lace, ones with bow, some with beads or floral shape that is perfect Valentine gift. They also come in different printed design. Gift her all and see her go awww!

  1. Self Stirring Mug

Just think about her unfolding joy when she will save her morning precious time she spends on blending coffee in her mug. This mug will do the job itself. She could use more time on picking her outfit or with you on a call cause she won’t be running so much for her breakfast needs any more!

  1. Arm Pillow

This one is for when she gets tired of working hard and long or if she just wants to take a nap. This could work for her even at work. She just needs to wear this on her arm and a perfect pillow is waiting for her weary head to lay down on it.

These could be the most convenient valentine gifts for her. Not only you will save on your budget but your girl will feel special for how much you care about her daily needs. So which one are you trying this year!