5 Reasons Why You Should Devote This Weekend to Self-Care

5 Reasons Why You Should Devote This Weekend to Self-Care
5 Reasons Why You Should Devote This Weekend to Self-Care. Images source: Supplied

There’s no denying that the modern woman leads a very busy life. She has a great career, thriving relationships, and she does her best to stay on top of her responsibilities. She may also be growing a family.

Indeed, 24 hours are sometimes not enough for all the responsibilities and titles a woman holds. This is believed to be the reason why women suffer from higher stress levels than men. Studies prove that women are 50 percent more stressed than men. It’s no wonder self-care is recommended more for women than men.

And, speaking of self-care, this can come in different forms, but one thing is for sure, the ideal time for it is over the weekends. Days-off from work free up a lot of hours. Plus, no one can argue that the weekend is truly a magical time for rest. But, other than those, there are five other reasons why women should devote most of their weekend to me-time.

1. An hour-long massage is equivalent to a full night’s sleep

Typically, busy women do not get enough sleep during the workweek, whether they are professionals or stay-at-home moms. You can use a free hour from your weekend to somehow catch up on the rejuvenating effects of sufficient sleep.

Head to a local massage center, spa, or wellness facility to have your tension knots kneaded away. In a single session, you can recoup the sleep hours that you used for other responsibilities and emerge not just well-rested but thoroughly reinvigorated as well.

2. A change of scene and pace is beneficial to health

Deviation from your typical routine will help your body and mind to restart somehow. This is an effective strategy in reducing stress levels, clearing your mind, and restoring energy to your body.

So, take yourself out of the urban jungle and try a bunch of different activities in a completely different setting such as the beach or high up the mountains. You will find that even if you engage in tiring tasks in these locations, you will not feel the same kind of fatigue that you get from working every day. This is because endorphins flow at the excitement of something different and new.

3. Weekend destinations have the best self-care provisions

Self-care is a global movement that businesses are taking full advantage of. So, if you schedule this important task for the weekend, you have abundant provisions to choose from.

For example, the best brunch in Abu Dhabi is scheduled for the weekend — Friday brunch that is the perfect setting for catching up with your favorite people. You can come in at a convenient time and there’s a special menu to feed your body and delight your soul.

Plus, the top brunch places direct meticulous attention to make this two-in-one meal a truly relaxing time. The right ambiance is created, and brunchers are often given seats with a view.

4. There’s always a demanding week ahead

When a grueling workweek is done, it’s only right that you recharge your batteries. So, get some rest, have fun, and spend quality time with the people who can nurture your body, mind, and spirit. After all, what’s ahead of you is another demanding week.

If you recharge, you will have the mental clarity and strength to meet your productivity goals for the coming week. Think of self-care as a necessity in keeping up with life effectively.

Go on a weekend beach getaway with your friends or indulge in your hobbies and passions. Doing something that can bring you a great sense of fulfillment such as environmental volunteering, or working with the less fortunate can easily outwork stress and change your perspective for the week ahead of you.

5. If not the weekend, when?

A demanding workweek pushes self-care at the pit of priority lists. If you do not deliberately dedicate your weekend to self-care, it will be difficult to find another time for it. You will be busy all the time with things that do not really nurture your wellbeing.

Remember, stress buildup is one of the leading reasons behind chronic illnesses. When you get sick, you will wish that you had taken better care of yourself.

Prioritize yourself over the weekend. You don’t need to be the top priority but give yourself adequate time when you don’t have to work, to just focus on what you need physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You deserve a break

Women accomplish so much on the daily, and this should be celebrated. The best way to celebrate this is to care for oneself. Doing this will remind you of how truly valuable you are as your own person, or as a connection to the people around you. On top of that, caring for yourself will cue other people to be more considerate of you as well.

So treat yourself as valuable even for just one day of the week. Relax your body, eat well, restore peace of mind, and revive joy.


Soraya Abdul Azis is the Marketing Manager for Saadiyat Beach Club in the UAE, the very first beach club on Saadiyat where guests can enjoy and celebrate a world of fine living, health and well-being. Soraya has worked in Design, Advertising and PR in Dubai and Beirut for the past 4 years.

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