Uncertainty sees people turning to the comfort of nature when investing in property

Uncertainty sees people turning to the comfort of nature when investing in property
Uncertainty sees people turning to the comfort of nature when investing in property

The mental impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdown measures are far-reaching; but South Africans are fortunate in that relief from the constant anxiety can be found in the abundant natural spaces. The benefits of the natural world have been acknowledged by property owners, with a recent spike in those seeking properties in coastal and forest estates.


According to a research paper entitled Healthy nature healthy people: ‘contact with nature’ as an upstream health promotion intervention for populations, there are five key health benefits associated with being immersed in a natural environment.


1. Nature decreases stress – Studies indicate that viewing natural scenes after being exposed to a stressful situation can actually help lower the physiological effects.


2. Nature enhances energy levels – Research shows humans have positive psychological responses to nature, elevating energy levels.


3. Nature clears the mind – When in a natural environment, the brain relieves itself of excess activity, making the individual feel more relaxed.


4. Nature helps recover from mental fatigue – Constant exposure to technology in a closed-off environment leaves people feeling drained. Exposure to nature increases creativity and reinvigorates the mind.  


5. Nature increases recovery rates – Studies indicate that viewing natural scenes may reduce the physiological effects of stress and increase recovery rates.


Phil Barker of Renishaw Property Developments, said they had noticed an uptake in interest during the recent launch of the Phase 5 of Renishaw Hills – a mature lifestyle village based near Scottburgh on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.


“This period has shown people just how important the natural environment is to both our mental and physical wellbeing, and they are seeking a home life that encompasses this,” explained Barker. “Renishaw Hills is able to deliver a nature-based experience, allowing residents to enjoy a ‘holiday lifestyle’ that is beneficial to overall wellbeing.”


Renishaw Hills introduces natural wonder of Phase 5

The latest phase of this mature lifestyle village offers homeowners uninterrupted views across the valley. Designed to maximise on the benefits of nature, residents will enjoy a serene setting with privacy ensured by a considered, spacious design. Leading South African landscapers have created a private, indigenous garden for every home, extending the wonders of the natural world to the front door. This sense of outdoors is further enhanced by a sense of protection from the natural elements, allowing residents to enjoy views of the sunset without the chill of the wind.


What’s available?

There are currently only 15 units left in Phase 5, all of which are standalone 2- and 3-bedroom homes that are light, spacious and completed in modern finishes. There are 9 prime-position units remaining with magnificent coastal forest views – of these three homes are 2-bedroom units, and six are 3-bedroom units. There are also three 3-bedroom homes offering investors unmatched sea views.


· Renishaw Hills Phase 5 homes starts at R2.57m for a 2-bedroom home, or a discounted price of R2.18m in the RTO Sectional Title option.


· The 3-bedroom home starts at R2.91m, or the discounted price of R2.48m in the RTO Sectional Title Option.


To offer even further value for money, residents at Renishaw Hills benefit from a range of on-site facilities and services that are inclusive of the monthly levies. These include state-of-the-art security, maintenance, insurance, as well as use of the abundant nature trails suited to walking, hiking and birdwatching.


“Residents at Renishaw Hills have enjoyed the benefits of a natural environment during this incredibly challenging time,” continued Barker. “This sense of the outdoors is able to reduce feelings of stress, enhancing emotional and physical wellbeing for a happier, healthier lifestyle.”


For more information about Renishaw Hills or to book a tour with all relevant health-and-safety measures adhered to, contact Renishaw Hills on [email protected] or visit www.renishawhills.co.za