Types Of Psychic Dreams And Visions

Types Of Psychic Dreams And Visions

Psychics experience dreams differently from normal dreams. How many times do people discuss astrology with friends and realize that at one point they have had similar dreams? Mystical dreams are more vivid than ordinary ones, making it hard for a person to know if they really happened or not.

With such dreams, it is common to feel that someday they might come true. A report says that Lincoln had a dream way before his assassination. Similarly, many Titanic victims had such dreams way before the Titanic tragedy. Magic dreams can be exciting or weird, depending on the person having the dreams. Here are the different types of psychic dreams and their meanings:

Top 5 Dreams Psychics Usually Have

  1. Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams involve people forseeing the things happening in their real life while dreaming. However, sometimes the event doesn’t happen at exactly the time of the dream. Many people perceive a dream’s subject to be negative, but it is not always the case.

An example of a clairvoyant tendency is when one dreams that their father is ill and was taken to the hospital. The next day they wake up, they find that maybe he broke his leg and is scheduled for surgery.

  1. Prophetic Dreams

A prophetic dream involves the ability to see the future through dreams. Most of the time, the dreams are fulfilled, but at times they’re just a mere coincidence. However, the dream may reveal anxiety, not surety of the future. A dream’s subject is mostly about the future and the choices one should make.

  1. Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams are the ones shared with loved ones, usually a friend, a lover, siblings and the kindred spirit. There is no major difference between telepathic dreams and normal dreams. However, a telepathic dream interacts with people a person is close to.

If one shares their dream with another person, they realized they had a similar dream. Therefore, the two are communicating telepathically with each other.

  1. Apparitions Dreams

Dreaming of a dead person can be a little scary. When a ghost appears in a dream, people should not assume they will die next. A person with psychic abilities has a better perception of many things in life than other people. Therefore, ghosts may use them to pass an important message.

Moreover, people should never be surprised dreaming of an apparition they barely know. They might just be using them to send a message to their loved ones. Clairaudient dreams can also be experienced along with ghosts.

Also, the dreams can be accompanied by distinct voices that at time vanish. The sound is usually passing of a message. A psychic might not even see someone but hear the voice.

  1. Precognitive Dreams

These dreams may not occur in waking life but are a premonition of what may happen. A person with such a dream usually tries to change something, so the dream doesn’t come true. The dream can be straightforward, negative, positive or symbolic.

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