Tips To Improve Accuracy In Golf

Considered as one among the more engrossing games in the world of sport, golf demands great accuracy and control of shots. Beginners need to get the basics right in shot selection for accuracy and control. Many beginners fail to get the basics right and end up hitting shots the wrong way. The relation between the face of the club, impact and the swing through part needs to be fully understood to improve consistency in hitting the ball straight. Here are important tips that will help to improve the accuracy and control of shots.

#1 At the time of impact the club face should be square on the ball. This will help you to deliver a perfectly straight shot. To achieve this it is necessary for golfers to ensure that their posture and grip is perfect. Read more here about the various golf clubs and the manner of handling the shots with the right posture.

#2 To get the ball to move straight to the target, draw an imaginary line from the target back to the ball. This is the ball-to-target line. Pick any point of reference just ahead of the ball to target line. This could be e something like a small feature on the grass that is different from everything else around it.

#3 Get all the three in line – the ball, the feature ahead of the ball to target line, and the ball to target line. Adopt a posture that puts you on a 90-degree angle with the clubface and the ball-to-target line. In other words, you will be standing perpendicular to the ball -to- target line, with the clubface facing the ball-to-target line. This is called the setup.

#4 The follow through after the impact is equally important. Aim the club face at the ball all and swing it in an “inside to square to inside” swing path. The golf club needs to swing right through the shot, for the ball to move in the right trajectory to the target.

If you have got the shot right you will find that the clubface has rotated with the top of the club facing skywards when you have completed the follow-through shot after impact. If you have got this right you can be sure that your accuracy is improving and that you have exercised greater control over the trajectory of the ball.

The mechanics of the swing is important to get the right shot. A beginner needs to practice this aspect frequently and diligently until he/she gets this right. In combination with the posture and the aligning of the ball to line target, it is possible to wield greater control over the shot. This will result in improved accuracy and help beginners to quickly master the game and improve skill sets to become professional golfers. The focus needs to be balanced between accuracy and power. Accuracy without power or power without accuracy will result in poor outcome of shots. It is, therefore, necessary to practice accuracy and work on generating the right power in the shots.

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