Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Colored Diamond

Diamond is the ultimate statement of style, sophistication and wealth. When we refer to diamond, we often are talking about colorless or white diamonds or off-white diamonds with a tinge of yellow. However, there are colored diamonds, and these are gaining popularity and are often used as center stones for engagement rings and even in ear rings, necklaces and other forms of jewelry. Not many people have the right knowledge and information about colored diamonds, and they are also referred to as chocolate diamonds.

This is a misnomer because brown is one of the many colors in which these colored diamonds are available. The reason for attributing these colored diamonds to the color of chocolate is not known. The real fact is that there are many different colors in which you can buy diamonds apart from the conventional or classical, white or colorless diamond. In this article, we will try and share some useful and pertinent information about various important points to bear in mind when buying these colored diamonds. This information have been gathered over times and therefore could be an useful guide for making the right purchase at the right price and from the right place.

Are They Rare? 

This is the first question you must understand before buying these colored diamonds. Whether it is for making chocolate diamond necklace or bracelet, unless this question is answered thoroughly, you will not be able to move forward much. The ground rule is that only 1% is naturally occurring colored diamonds have enough color for qualifying as fancy and high-quality color diamonds. The coloring is done by GIA or Gemological Institute of America, and therefore you must have a look at the grad of the colored diamonds before being certain about its purity or otherwise. You must bear in mind that majority of diamonds which are mined from the ground belong to the industrial quality. Only 20% of the diamonds belong to the gem quality. Out of this 20 % the majority of them are either colorless, or they belong to the pure white or off-white category.

How Is The Color Caused In The Diamond 

When buying colored diamonds, you must find out ways to find out the purity. Quality of colored diamonds is determined by the presence or absence of purities and impurities. These impurities are embedded into the diamond and become a part of it when the diamond crystallizes. Therefore the impurities are a part of the diamond as it was taking final shape. Yellow color in the diamond is caused by the presence of nitrogen molecules. Blue diamond happen because they have the presence of a substance called boron. Not much is known about the reason as to why some diamonds are pink and red. All these are concerning fancy color diamonds.  They occur naturally, and the color is not modified or changed using artificial processes like dying and irradiation.

Which Is The Rarest Colored Diamond 

Which is the rarest diamond color? You must try and find the answer to the same before buying colored diamonds. According to diamond experts, red diamonds are considered to be the rarest. This usually has a carat weight of 0.23. It is a cushion cut diamond, and the price could be in the range of around $85 K. Apart from red, the other rare colored diamonds are blue, pink followed by green and orange. The above order has to be kept in mind when you are being offered a rarely colored diamond.

How Are They Priced? 

The price of the colored diamonds would depend on various factors such as clarity, color intensity, weight, purity, and absence or presence of impurities amongst other things. There are some colored diamonds which could fetch a price of around $12K weighting 1.16 carat. This is just an example, and you must, therefore, do your research and then buy the right colored diamond. The above attributes are important, and you also should not follow the same formula which you use when looking for colorless or white diamonds.

Intensity Of Color 

Finally, this is one of the most important points to be kept in mind when it comes to such colored diamonds. You must be sure that the distribution is even, the desired thickness is there, and the size and other attributes are also important.