Festive toy shopping tips from the experts

Festive toy shopping tips from the experts
Festive toy shopping tips from the experts

It’s unmistakable, the sounds of festive tunes, lights, tinsel, and toys galore are in the shops, signalling that we’re in the throes of the festive shopping season. For most it’s the season to be jolly, until of course you must start your holiday toy shopping which can be stressful.

Every parent knows the joy you feel when you’re able to buy your little one the perfect toy that makes them smile. But, getting it right is not always easy. Christmas is considered as one of the six most stressful life events, along with divorce, moving house and changing jobs.

In one survey of over 3,000 people, 86% reported that they find buying presents to be difficult and 65% reported Christmas shopping as a stressful experience. Some reports have even suggested that Christmas shopping can be as stressful as running a marathon, as it may increase your  heart rate by 33%.

Shop smart this festive season with these sanity-saving hacks for parents from the experts at Toys R Us to help you avoid the holiday stress.


Wish lists:

Get your kids to do their wish lists early, as this will ensure you get them something they really want, while at the same time manage their expectations. Doing this early on also allows you to budget and plan ahead of time.

Having a wish list means you can share their wants with other family members ensuring the burden isn’t entirely left on you. Why not try a digital wish list or registry and share it with the whole family.

Toys R Us - Big book of wonder
Toys R Us – Big book of wonder


Set a budget:

A budget is key in terms of planning your holiday shopping. This will ensure you have either saved the money early on that you will allocate to gifts or you can plan how many gifts and what exactly you would like to buy.

Important to remember of course is not to borrow or withdraw from your savings. Try to set a spending limit for every gift you buy. Determine the total amount you will spend on gifts and then divide it amongst who you are going to buy for.

Plan with the top toy trends:

This year’s top toy list featuring 25 must-have toys for the 2021 festive season inspired by the latest toy trends has been released. Most of these will top Xmas wish lists. So, if you want to surprise your kids, you can’t go wrong with selecting any one of these for their gifts.

A few of the big trends in the world of toys which have inspired the top toy must-haves include toy unboxing, outdoor play and creative building, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills toys, sensory play and educational toys that support remote learning.

Everything from interactive playsets, fidget toys, family outdoor games, dinosaurs and remote control toys will surprise and delight your child.

Instead of going on long and exhausting tours of the stores, get your kids to do some screen shopping! Or pick up Geoffrey’s Big Book of Wonder – a 68-page festive season gift guide filled with wondrous toys including something for all ages and budgets with incredible deals.


Buying online:

With the increased demand for online shopping convenience, Toys R Us SA encourages you to get your holiday shopping done early and conveniently online. However, just remember when you’re ordering online over the festive season, it’s always best to do it before the 16th of December. If not, the Toys R Us stores are open right up until Christmas eve for all those last-minute gifts.

If you aren’t comfortable with online shopping, don’t fear, Toys R Us & Babies R Us stores are adhere to strict covid-19 protocols at all times, ensuring valued customers are able to shop with peace of mind.

Toys R Us - Gift Card
Toys R Us – Gift Card


Mall shopping:

Go early! The best time to approach the mall during the holiday season is early in the week during a workday. Fewer people mean fewer germs, flexibility to move around the store and accessibility to a good parking spot.

To avoid large crowds, never resort to last-minute holiday shopping if you can. We are still living in the time of a pandemic, so, to protect yourself, you need to avoid having lengthy shopping trips. Pre-plan particular stores you will stop at to buy items to avoid you having to go back and forth.

If you plan on taking your kid/s with you, identify a spot where you can take a break with them. If you’re visiting a Toys R Us store, your kids will be endlessly entertained in Geoffrey’s Land of Wonder.

“This year our Christmas wish is that everyone gets to experience a little bit of Toys R Us magic and we hope that South Africans enjoy our festive offering this year,” says Catherine Jacoby, Marketing Manager at Toys R Us. “For those wanting to do their shopping in-store, Geoffrey’s Land of Wonder, where kids never grow up, is ready to welcome the whole family.”

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