Renishaw Hills outlines 4 ways retirement has changed over the years

Renishaw Hills outlines 4 ways retirement has changed over the years
Renishaw Hills outlines 4 ways retirement has changed over the years

The past few decades have seen a massive shift in the entire concept of retirement, with medical advancements and digitisation creating more opportunities for people as they age. The reality of the Covid-19 pandemic too, has also adjusted priorities in terms of location, healthcare and lifestyle for many retirees. Taking all this into account, Renishaw Hills, a mature lifestyle estate on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, has been developed around a modern approach to retirement years, facilitating community engagements and lifestyle-enhancing activities within the estate.

“Retirement was once considered to be quite final – an end to the working life and the start of a more sedate existence – but it’s a much more fluid, personalised concept now,” explained Phil Barker, of Renishaw Property Developments. “People are looking forward to this as a transitional phase, slowing down on the more demanding careers while pursuing areas of interest that you’re now able to enjoy with the benefit of time and experience.”

Here’s a look at some of emerging trends in retirement.

1. People continue to work

Rather than hitting 65 and being sent off with a gold watch, people are adjusting their working schedules, scaling down where possible, but still remaining productive. A recent New York Times article outlined findings from a survey on retirement which indicated that, while 80 percent of people want to continue working in retirement for financial reasons, 72 percent also wanted to continue for ‘healthy aging reasons’.

2. People want home-based healthcare

Aging does come with associated healthcare concerns, but rather than having to rely on frailcare centres or hospitals, modern retirees are seeking home-based healthcare options that allow them to get necessary treatment from the comfort of home. This is particularly relevant as Covid-19 preventative measures necessitate physical distancing and avoidance of crowds. Mature lifestyle estates, like Renishaw Hills, are partnering with specialist home-care providers, giving residents the option of high-quality healthcare at home.

3. People are much more physically active

There are so many associated cognitive and physical benefits of an active lifestyle, and this remains true in later years. Where a round of golf might have sufficed for exercise in retirement previously, modern retirees are getting quite adventurous in their pursuit for optimum health, with many keeping fit through trail walking, yoga, dance classes, fun fitness routines and various sports such as running, cycling and swimming. Renishaw Hills caters to a range of outdoor activities with its location, extensive nature trails, on-site facilities and various community engagements.

4. Skills’ sharing through volunteer work

The massive skills’ shortage in South Africa means there is a growing need for skills’ sharing from more experienced individuals. This has seen a rise in volunteer work with retirees joining organisations that tutor the youth, providing on-site training or even sharing skills remotely over the internet.

Renishaw Hills is the ultimate estate for the modern retiree, featuring quality-built homes, extensive facilities and hassle-free living, all on the stunning KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. The estate is once again offering physical tours – as well as continuing with the online virtual tours – of the mature lifestyle village. All precautionary health and safety measures will be adhered to, with tours conducted by Julieann Hampson, Head of Sales at Renishaw Hills. As a former nurse, Julieann has an intimate understanding of the necessary health protocols to be followed on all site visits. For those wanting a virtual tour, visitors can make an appointment for an online tour with Julieann which will be conducted via Zoom or WhatsApp.

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