Mend Your Broken Heart and Chakra

Mend Your Broken Heart and Chakra

Love is an amazing experience that we all get to feel at some point in our lives, but on the other side, a broken heart is some of the worst pain imaginable. If you have suffered a broken heart then this simple heart chakra remedy can help restore balance. This will further create emotional and energetic harmony throughout. By doing this, you are giving yourself a release and accepting the universal love that is all around.

Golden Light

Start by imagining or envisioning a golden light that covers your body. The golden light is healing. That golden light cover, you as you feel peace and love all around. Allow the light inside to course throughout your body. Place your hands on your chest and open your heart chakra to let the light inside as you make affirmative self-statements.

Heart Talk

A broken heart leaves us in pieces. Instead of letting the pieces fall, talk through them without judgment of yourself or others. Speak the feelings from the heart and then validate that you matter. Find a safe space to do this so you can be in the moment and then release it.


While good friends make great sounding boards, if you are not sure you can truly express yourself, then give journaling a try. After writing out your feelings, consider calling a psychic reader to discuss future chances at love if needed. Speaking your truth from the heart is about inner peace and well-being emotionally.


If the broken heart does not seem to be healing, then repeat these steps often. Over time you will learn to accept your situation and the pain from the heartbreak will fade. Let the universal love surround you as this healing takes place.