Best CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Other Pets

Dogs are some of the most wonderful and loyal creatures known to man. Many families consider their furry best friend to be an important family member. When pets fall ill or become distressed it can be heart-wrenching to watch. Sure, there are plenty of medicines on the market designed to help your pet, but these medicines can contain an array of side effects and/or can be harmful with extended use.

So what can any loving dog owner do? Like humans, dogs can also benefit from a little holistic medicine in the form of pet grade CBD oil. While you might feel a little concerned about your pet getting high, you won’t need to worry at all. CBD oil is harmless and all-natural like any other pet dietary supplement.

But there is definitely more to CBD oil for pets than meets the eye!

Giving Your Pet the Best Holistic Medicine Has to Offer

While some people may scoff at the idea of natural remedies there are a few that do actually work effectively. One such remedy is SimplyPets CBD. Dogs and cats are not impervious to ailments such as anxiety, loss of appetite, cancer, arthritis, heart murmurs and so on. These conditions can often leave your poor dog in pain or constant agitation.

When dosed properly according to your dog’s weight and sensitivity to CBD oil, this remedy can be an effective tool against pain and other conditions. How it works is fairly simple. Most mammals have cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are how cannabis interacts with mammalian bodies such as humans, dogs, and cats. However, unlike the human variant, CBD oil for pets is designed to have little to no THC.

Make sure the oil you choose for your dog has no THC. THC can be very toxic to dogs, cats, and other pets.


  • Can help reduce anxiety and stress
  • Is effective for treating epilepsy and seizures in dogs
  • Has cancer-fighting properties that can help treat your pet’s cancer
  • Can relieve pain associated with various conditions such as arthritis and after surgery care
  • Reduces inflammation in your dog
  • Can be used to help treat bowel diseases in dogs
  • Can protect your dog’s nervous system
  • Is effective for treating pets that are picky eaters, suffer from nausea or poor appetite
  • Is a great dietary supplement and supports a healthy heart and vessels in your dog
  • Can help with treating autoimmune diseases in dogs


The only real drawback is it may not give you the results you were hoping for or might not work at all. While it would be unfortunate, not all dogs respond to this treatments. Some dogs may suffer from an allergy to cannabis. Make sure you test this with your pup before upping the dosage.

If any allergic reaction occurs, stop using the CBD oil and take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. They will be able to care for your pet’s allergies and give you further information on other potential treatments for any of your pet’s health conditions.

Dogs can be picky eaters just like children. While many brands of pet grade CBD oil come with different flavor combinations, not all brands offer a wide selection of flavors or the dosing options you need.

Final Thoughts

Dogs can definitely benefit from a couple drops of CBD oil in their day to day kibble. Trying a natural method can help boost your favorite pup’s health and wellness easily. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian first before giving your pet any type of supplement. This is so they can help you properly dose the CBD oil for your dog and discuss any other information you need.

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