Zapping the Myths about Mobile Payments

Don't Let Myths behind Mobile Payments Stop You From Using Them
Don't Let Myths behind Mobile Payments Stop You From Using Them

Remember that period in human history when mankind had to pay for goods by bartering with pieces of meat and wild berries? Probably not. For most people, imagining a world without the physical presence of cash and cards is like trying to explain what water tastes like. Impossible.

Well, that cashless, card-free culture has returned– only this time payments have undergone a much more sophisticated evolution.

Through the brilliance of mobile-app technology, your smartphone is now also an advanced payment portal.

The Zapper app is one such mobile payment technology. By allowing users to successfully pay at restaurants and retailers with the quick scan of a QR code, it is enhancing the customer experience considerably. Payments are easier, faster and the app offers a host of other benefits for users to enjoy a lifestyle of convenience.

But while wildly popular, there are still many misconceptions about mobile payments that make people nervous about adopting them into their lifestyle.

Here are 5 myths and concerns about mobile payments that Zapper has debunked to put your mind at ease:

Mobile Payments Are Unsafe
Security is always a big human concern, especially when in relation to personal finances. For this reason, Zapper uses high encryption to ensure that card details are secure. Zapper transactions are also processed by one of the most advanced fraud-protection systems so that transactions are always safe.

Smartphones are Riskier than Wallets
Wallets have cash in them, cards that can be cloned, driver’s licenses and other bill receipts with personal information on them that a criminal can use to make purchases in your name. This makes them much riskier. Zapper has a pin-setup feature in place so that nobody can get their hands on your money.

There are Hidden Costs
Zapper doesn’t charge users any additional fees. Paying with Zapper is the same as swiping your card.

Mobile Payments Won’t Catch On
There are already more than half a million individuals using Zapper to pay at restaurants, retailers, make donations, fill their vehicles with petrol and shop online because it’s convenient and means that they don’t have to stress if they leave their wallet at home.

It’s Just Another Form of Payment
Zapper provides free vouchers and loyalty cards that offer great savings and rewards at your favourite Zapper merchants. These can even be shared with friends and family. You can also find the closest eateries through its geolocation feature and book a table – so much more than just another way to pay.

Like with any myth that raises concern, the only way to put it to rest is with the right information.
Go to  to learn more, visit the Zapper South Africa Facebook page or download Zapper from your app store and give it a try. It will change your life for the better. And that is not a myth.

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