The Only Home Loan Service That Helps You Pay Towards Your Family’s Fees

The Only Home Loan Service That Helps You Pay Towards Your Family’s Fees
The Only Home Loan Service That Helps You Pay Towards Your Family’s Fees

School-Days has announced a new way for its members to grow their education bursaries

School-Days, a KZN-based ‘grow-it-yourself’ education bursary platform, has just launched Easy HomeLoans, the only bond originator that will contribute towards a family’s school fees every month for an entire year. 

Like many bond originators, Easy HomeLoans takes the hassle out of applying for a home loan by negotiating with all the major banks (FNB, Standard Bank, Absa, Nedbank etc.) on your behalf to find you the best home loan deal. Unlike any other home loan service, Easy HomeLoans will contribute R200-R800 per month into School-Days members’ education bursaries to help them pay towards their families’ school, college and university fees.

School-Days Managing Director Chris Nel says: “Easy HomeLoans was born in response to our members’ need for an easier process when it came to home finance and to secure their family’s futures by building their School-Days bursaries. With Easy HomeLoans, we are adding even more value to the School-Days platform, helping South Africans secure the best bonds for their property purchases AND contributing towards ever-rising education fees. We encourage our members to ‘#DoLifeWithSchoolDays’, and this is one of the ways we are enabling them to do so.” 

How it works 

School-Days sources multiple channels of getting free education contributions for its members, consolidated into a single bursary account. After building a bursary over time, members can use it to pay towards the fees at any registered education institution. 

For example, when you join School-Days (for free) and shop at School-Days’ Partners, you get a percentage of your spend added to your family’s education bursary. This is just one of the ways to build your bursary; there are a number of other easy ways too –  like tax-exempt employee benefits, making direct contributions, benefitting when friends and family spend at School-Days Partners, and now – when you get a home loan through Easy HomeLoans! 

When you use Easy HomeLoans to help you buy your dream property, your personal home loan consultant will manage all the admin and keep you informed along the way as they tick each box with you. But the best part is that Easy HomeLoans will also ensure that you’ll get anything between R200 to R800 (depending on the size of your bond) secured towards your children’s school fees. The contribution will be paid into your School-Days bursary every month over the course of one year.

Why every percentage point counts 

Even a small difference in interest rate percentage can have a major impact on overall bond repayments. 

For example: An individual approaches their bank and is offered an interest rate of 11%. If she is borrowing R1.6 million, the monthly repayment would be around R14 863. 

However, if the person contacts a bond originator such as Easy HomeLoans and secures an interest rate of 10%, the repayment would drop to about R13 896. This is a saving on R967 in each month (R11 604 a year), which amounts to as much as R232 080 over the period of a 20-year home loan. 

When it comes to home loans, every percent counts, which is why it’s worth using a bond originator to negotiate with all the lenders on your behalf. And with Easy HomeLoans, the unique additional benefit helps you pay towards your family’s fees. 


Easy HomeLoans is a free service to members trying to find the best home loan at the best interest rate. Let our Easy HomeLoan consultants do all the work for you, getting you the best deal and keeping you informed every step of the way. Secure a home AND monthly contributions towards your family’s fees:

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School-Days gives you the opportunity to build a bursary for your family’s school, college and university fees, helping you provide for their education. The platform is simple, and building a bursary is easy.  

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