Online Shopping – Safer & Faster Checkouts with Zapper

A safer and more secure way to shop online.
A safer and more secure way to shop online.

These days, a significant amount of retail business transactions take place in the online space. E-commerce has given customers with little time to spend trolling malls and store aisles the ability to make purchases more conveniently, without having any limitations imposed on them by time, location or distance.

From a business perspective, this has allowed for trade and operation to exist outside the realm of traditional business hours, on a 24-hour rotation. A sale that a business normally would not have made because their customer was unable to visit during business hours or lived three towns away suddenly becomes not only possible, but likely.

But while many brands and businesses with eCommerce portals find success, their online conversion to sale almost never matches their website’s online traffic. This is largely because of the customer experience at checkout.

The checkout page is where window shoppers become paying customers, thus the functionality needs to be simple and easy. The more complicated a payment tab is, the less a user wants to buy. This coupled with possible concern over entering credit card details onto a website makes conversion to sale increasingly difficult. For a new business, yet to earn the public’s trust, increasing sales via the online space could be virtually impossible. But this is where the Zapper app makes the seemingly impossible, become possible.

Zapper for eCommerce is a mobile payment processing solution that enables businesses to receive payments through their online store’s checkout page by means of smartphone technology. Customer’s making a purchase simply select the option to pay with Zapper after they’ve added items to their basket, wait for the secure QR code to be presented on screen, scan it with the app from their smartphone and confirm the payment amount.

For customers shopping via their mobile phone, Zapper’s deep-linking system enables them to tap the QR code, confirm payment and they’re done.  Both the user and the website owner instantly receive notification of payment via email and text. It’s as easy as paying for a cup of coffee.

The QR Code way to pay also means that no credit card details are entered by customers at checkout anymore.  Through the apps advanced security features that ensures customer card details are encrypted within the user’s mobile device only, no information is transferred. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud, giving customers more piece of mind when transacting online. It also adds another tier of authentication to an online shopping portal that it didn’t have before.
The Zapper QR code also reduces the number of required fields to fill in at checkout, which makes for a swifter shopping experience.

Apart from the faster payment process, Zapper provides a discount voucher system that offers both retailers and brands the opportunity to communicate directly with shoppers by way of rewards. These can be sent to a business’s tribe through the app, or by placing a QR code in various advertising spaces for a discount voucher to be retrieved by simply scanning it.  This technology has already helped several businesses in the UK increase their average basket size by 35%.

Integrating Zapper for eCommerce into a website takes a few simple steps, regardless of the platform or technology a website has been built on. Zapper currently has plugins available for Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento software.

To learn more about Zapper for your business’s eCommerce platform, go to or call 087 150 1001.