How building yourself is part of your financial plan?

How building yourself is part of your financial plan?

Building a financial plan is something we always talk about. Whether you do that on your own or with a financial advisor, building a financial plan is crucial to achieving your financial goals in the future. But have you ever thought about working on yourself as part of your personal financial plan?

This can seem confusing and is not something you would hear amongst personal finance tips, but allow me to show you what I mean.

Better you = Better Personal Finance Decisions

If you are learning more, especially if it is regarding business and finance, it can help you make better financial decisions. Maybe you are taking a financial course or a mindfulness course. Both can help you in unique ways.

Once A Week

Learning Builds Discipline

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson (10 Consistency Quotes to Help You Keep Going –

As The Rock himself says it, success is about consistency and discipline. And the same is to be said about learning. You need to be consistently practising and learning to become good at something. In this way, learning can build discipline which can help you in meeting your financial goals.

How? Well, you will be less likely to not meet them if you are disciplined enough to make the sacrifices necessary.

Better Career Growth

By learning a new skills like Microsoft Word, you can get a better job or maybe even a promotion at work. This can often lead to a rise in pay which can positively influence your financial decisions and plan. Because as many personal finance tips we can share, you still need to eat! And having more money can help you pay those bills and save more.

How building yourself is part of your financial plan?

Where to learn?

So, now you are probably wondering where can I study? Especially seen as most places online are very expensive. And we understand your struggle that is why we have tested a few places and found somewhere that is proudly South African, SETA registered and offers affordable courses. This online platform is known as Re|Mind Virtual Academy. Re|Mind Virtual Academy is a school that offers courses across a variety of subjects that can help your grow. From Internet Marketing Fundamentals to Mindfulness, they have a whole range to entise you. And with prices as low as $10 for a course. It won’t break the bank.

I know when you think of personal finance tips you don’t think about learning, but I hope we have managed to show you how they can fit together. Improving your life and quality of life is the ultimate goal of a financial plan, to make sure you always have what you need. And growing yourself is key to that!