SILKOLENE leads the race for high-performance motorcycle lubricants

SILKOLENE leads the race for high-performance motorcycle lubricants
Silkolene comp 2 plus, fully synthetic available from Fuchs

Developed on the racetrack to ensure ultimate performance and protection, SILKOLENE is the global market-leading high-performance range of motorcycle lubricants available from FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA. “SILKOLENE has the edge in this niche segment due to its specially formulated products for different on- and off-road applications,” says Lesley Barnard, Commercial Sales Manager – Inland. While the range is not as well known locally as it is internationally, local demand is increasing steadily.

The technology incorporated into the SILKOLENE range is testament to the innovation that is part of FUCHS’ global DNA, notes Barnard. “We are continuously developing the potential of our lubricant range in terms of efficiency and extending product lifecycles,” says Barnard. Another key global focus area for the company is ensuring the sustainability of all its products, from the contents to the packaging itself. At present, the range is fully imported from the UK.

Looking at the broader SILKOLENE range, the most popular aerosol product is the ALL-IN-ONE multipurpose maintenance spray, which is ideal to dry out damp ignitions or to free rusted fasteners. BRAKE AND CHAIN CLEANER is a quick, dry, high-pressure cleaner formulated to clean dirt and grime on motorcycle chains and brake callipers, while CARBURETTOR CLEANER is a specific carburettor cleaning spray.

CHAIN LUBE is a synthetic spray for optimum wear and rust protection on all motorcycle chains, with or without O-rings. FOAM FILTER CLEANER is a water-soluble cleaner used to wash foam filter elements, while FOAM FILTER OIL is especially for oiling freshly washed foam filters.

SILKOLENE SILKOPEN is designed to penetrate corroded or seized threads, lubricating them at the same time for easy dismantling by reducing the required torque. PRO WASH is a rapidly biodegradable, highly effective motorcycle cleaner for all surfaces, including aluminium.

The more advanced SILKOLENE products when it comes to racing vehicles are engine and gear oils, coolant, and suspension fluids. PRO 4 PLUS is a four-stroke racing engine oil based on synthetic esters and formulated especially for use in superbikes.

COMP 2 PLUS is a fully synthetic two-stroke racing engine oil perfect for Grand Prix racing engines, suitable for both premix and autolube systems. BOA 80W90 is a high-performance gear oil for shaft drives and other hypoid, crown wheel and pinion applications, while 15W50 XP can also be used in two-stroke gearboxes.

The MAINTAIN range of workshop and service products is a comprehensive portfolio of coolant additives, brake fluids and fuel additives that are individually matched to virtually any vehicle type for the best possible protection. When it comes suspension products, SILKOLENE offers a range of fully synthetic shock absorber fluids and speciality fork oils with a high viscosity index.