How to unlock optimal forklift fleet efficiency and safety

How to unlock optimal forklift fleet efficiency and safety
How to unlock optimal forklift fleet efficiency and safety

Forklift operators lift and move heavy materials and equipment by manoeuvring small spaces, tight corners, and sometimes bad weather. If these forklifts aren’t operating optimally, they can negatively impact performance, operational productivity, and ultimately the bottom line.

A well-oiled operation requires its industrial equipment to perform at their peak, with minimal downtime. Reliable and robust surface motive batteries are essential to achieving this and checking the water levels daily is not enough.

“A battery management system is key to tracking usage, ensuring appropriate charging, and keeping an accurate inventory,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery. “It also monitors the health of your batteries, so fleet managers can proactively manage maintenance and be prepared to purchase or hire replacement batteries at the right time.1

Maintaining battery capacity2, 3

Planned maintenance should include visually inspecting all batteries and their connections and monitoring the electrolyte levels. If unsure, South Africa’s well-known battery solutions providers can give suitable recommendations to keep batteries performing at their peak for longer.

High quality and well-maintained batteries also mean better service life, reduced operating costs, and a fleet performing at its full potential. It will eliminate the risk of the battery giving in mid-shift, cause break downs and reducing risks to the safety of employees.

What to know about charging the battery4,5

Batteries that power industrial equipment hold an electrical charge. It’s best to wait for them to discharge up to 20% before charging. This will not only ensure operator safety and extend the battery life. If batteries are charged too frequently and before they reach 20% discharge, it can affect the lifespan, meaning the battery may need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Always monitor power solutions

Operations and fleets are dynamic, which is why fleet managers should monitor their power solutions against their operational needs, so they can be better prepared to make the right decisions to keep their fleet powered and moving. Many South African organisations trust a local range of high-quality surface motive power batteries to keep their industrial equipment moving and operations functioning.