How often should I wash my car in winter?


If you are lousy about cleaning/washing your car during winters, then, be prepared for some “uninvited” nasty elements feasting on/under your car!

Yes, most of us love the idea of washing their cars during the summer noon. But, as soon as the temperature drops, we kind of try to push the washing session as long as we can.

The very last thing we face during the dark night, frosting weather, is that the rainy environment is washing our car!

Remember, if you choose to leave your car exposed to all kinds of dirt, fog, grease, and salt, don’t be surprised to see the corrosion all over the time!

Scared? Here’s the fix?

Just winter things!:

Well, although experts suggest washing the car at least twice a week, the winter season demands the “cleanliness process” more often especially if you live in a snowy area or salty region (nearby ocean or salt trucks on the roads).

As winter showers the moisture all over, the moisture, in turn, contains salt which causes some serious damage to your car buddy if you park your car outside the garage!

Car Wash in winter 1

So, make sure you wash your car regularly as you used to do during other seasons. If you are lousy enough to maintain the car regularly, take it to the car wash and get it super clean with the right choice of car wash products.

The rusting factor:

At times, we do not find a dry place to park our car. Thus, we end up exposing our car to all kinds of dust, grease, moist, wet leaves, slush, fog, and many such harmful deposits 24*7.

If left unchecked, your car is soon going to be a victim of rust which enjoys eating and feasting the exposed metalwork of your dearest buddy!

How to stop?

The dreadful elements such as moisture, dirt, salt, and fog deposits might be dreadful for your car’s undercarriage.

Now that you know the small reasons that can cause rust, you can avoid those elements by frequently washing and maintaining your car. You must, and you should make a rule that you have to get your car washed at least once in a fortnight. There’s no other choice!

As rust can cause several mechanical issues, you might find it very hard to pour a lot of money to get your car repaired. Also, you may not get the proper value if you are thinking of resale.

Car Wash in winter 1

Also, the very important thing is that you need to reach underneath and make sure you get all the accumulated dirt. This will keep your undercarriage clean and hygienic.


Hush! Here’s a quick fix to all the lousy people out there:

Splashing the water with extreme pressure via a hose or a pressure washer should work!

Safety comes first:

Well, keeping the car clean during winters not only concerns to avoid rusting or preventing the harmful deposits.

The wet leaves, dirt, fog or the droplets might cause the car’s windscreen blur and not clear. Thus, while driving, you might not be able to focus on the road to mere visibility!

Car Wash in winter 1

Especially during the winter, the sun dazzle might be quite low as compared to that during the summer season. This is the factor why we insist you in keeping your windscreens super clean 24*7.

If possible, always have a pair of sunglasses so that whenever you find it difficult to drive, you can go for the glasses for your comfort!

Well, I know how annoying it is to be out with a bucket and a sponge to clean the windscreen in the freaking freezing weather!

Quick fix:

With a foam spray, you can easily clean your windscreen in minutes!

Not everybody loves the idea of washing the cars in the super chilling weather. But, everybody loves their hard-earned investment though!

By spending some amount of time cleaning and maintaining your car, you can be free from the “upcoming regrets” of pouring “buckets” of money to try to get repaired! So, what are your plans during winters? Happily cleaning and washing your car with some amazing car wash products?

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