What you need to know when buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

robot vacuum cleaner

Whether you have carpet or hardwood, there is the robot vacuum cleaner suitable for all your needs. There are myriad of extra features available in the robot vacuum for efficient cleaning. In this post check, the things you should consider before buying the robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. What’s your Budget?

This is the number one concern for buying the robot vacuum cleaners. A few years ago there were limited brands available ranging from $400 – $1000. Now the things have changed as per utility. With the tremendous improvement in the robot vacuum technology, the prices are dropped. Now the vacuum ranges $150 – $400 delivering the key advantages in cleaning the floor. The best thing they are now almost the cost than the regular vacuum cleaner. High performing robot vacuum cleaners are still higher in the price and more than $500.

  1. Carpets or Hardwood Floor

Most of the vacuum cleaners handle both carpet and hardwood cleaning, however, some is better for cleaning one or the other. Some high-end robots vacuum detects the surface of the floor and cleans the area accordingly. Rugs also play the major role in the buying decision of robot vacuum cleaners. For maintaining the hardwood, you can buy some cheap model that performs the relative cleaning of the floor. In case you have the floors made up of vinyl and tile then the mopping is essential which requires the wetting and washing of the floors.

  1. Pets

If you have pets at home then it requires the powerful cleaning to get rid of their hair. In fact, you should run the robot vacuum cleaner every day to reduce the amount of dust and dirt on the floor. The best thing you don’t have to be present while cleaning.  If your house gets dirty due to pets then make sure you get the right brushes. The filter is an important feature of the vacuum robots. The debris still gets caught on the filter. The better the filter, you will get the better cleaning of the floor. It is recommended to use the Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to remove the 100% of hair dirt of the pets.  There are silicon and rubber in the robot vacuum cleaner which makes it super easy to clean.

  1. Battery Life

There is a charging dock through which most cleaners work. The robot begins to clean and when they need charging before cleaning the entire house, they will return to charge up and resume the work where they left out. The main problem is they often need more charging then cleaning up. In case, you need to clean for the longest time then you need a battery life of 100 minutes or more. If you don’t care about the running time then you don’t have to worry about the battery as well. You can compare the newest guide for Neato vs Roomba before buying different robovac with.

  1. Schedule Cleaning

Scheduling is the standard feature of most of the vacuum cleaners but basic models doesn’t offer it.  You can schedule the cleaning on the specific time and day of the week. It will start cleaning automatically to save your precious time. You don’t have to present in the house for cleaning and if you are present then no need to remember. Additionally, there is a feature for the remote access from your smartphone. Newer models are coming with WiFi feature so that you can schedule your cleaning from anywhere. In fact, you can get the alerts for any issues or whenever it gets stuck in the cycle of cleaning. This feature helps a lot when you don’ stay at home.

  1. Size of the Room

Size matters a lot and you need to decide while buying the cleaner that you need for the big or small space. In case you require for the big home then you need to know the run-time. The longer the run-time, larger space it will cover. You will require mapping and smart navigation so that it never misses any spot for the larger homes. Mapping a robot vacuum cleaner creates a map and then run down till it gets discharged. It again starts working from the place it left off after the recharge. In case, your home is small then you might not need the navigation and mapping your interior.

  1. Multiple Rooms

Most of the companies launch the robovac for the multiple spaces but you should ask the vendor if that feature is available or not. In case your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have this feature then you have to manually place the cleaner in the space you wish to clean. Additionally, you should also consider checking the barriers or boundary markers to block the particular area from cleaning.

These are the important things you should consider while buying the robot vacuum cleaner. Follow them and invest in something that is worth buying