What are the different kinds of Sofas you can use in your home?

A couch is staple furniture, in most households. People have as many emotions attached to a sofa set as they have to their beds. Usually, we put a sofa in the living room, where people sit throughout the day. Occasionally, people fall asleep on it as well, while watching television. It is that comfort blanket and home in itself, where generally people sit on, eat, watch TV and relax. Isn’t it so peculiar that a piece of furniture can provide us with such solace? It is inarguably the most used appliance. Sofa costs a significant amount, so it is vital to keep it clean. One easy and effective way to maintain them is to get sofa covers.

Different kinds of sofas:

There are various sofas available in the market, and these are mainly categorized based on their size.

Traditional sofas are unquestionably, the most popular and commonly used sofa type. The width of these sofas is usually between 6 and 8 feet. Its height and depth are customarily thirty-seven inches and thirty-eight inches, respectively.

Petite sofas come next. It looks very similar to the traditional sofa, and as the name suggests, it is the mini version of a conventional sofa. Although the length and height are the same as its counterpart, it has a lower depth. Its dimensions make it a more suitable choice for limited spaces.

The other popular type of sofas is a grand sofa. As the name suggests, these sofas are larger, with a length between 100 and 110 inches. It can accommodate 4 to 5 people sitting comfortably on it. It is a voguish fitting for bigger living rooms.

Another type of commonly found sofas is the loveseat. Loveseats are also referred to as apartment sofas. Its height and depth are the same as of a traditional sofa. It has a smaller width, and thus provides cozy space for two people.

The sofa bed is another type of sofas which gained popularity recently. It is also known as a sleeper sofa, and as the name goes by, you can easily convert it to a bed. This kind of sofa seems to be a couch when the mattress is enclosed inside. These sofas have gained fame as it is an ideal option for small houses, where you can use living rooms like guest rooms.

Why is it necessary to use sofa covers?

As you already know, sofas constitute a significant portion of furnishings of your houses and workplaces, and it does not come cheap. So, it becomes vital to maintain it, so that it has long durability. Using a sofa cover would make this task easier. Sofa covers or couch spreads primarily secure the furniture from debris, which sustains its quality. It keeps the couch unblemished. It is also easier to cleanse the covers as you can get them washed or dry cleaned. You can choose from plenty of sofa covers’ designs available in the market that is per your taste and the décor of your space. These covers add an edge to the overall appeal of your room.

Moreover, it also proves to be savvy. Since it covers your furniture and protects it from dirt and stain, it spares you the expenditure of purchasing new furnishing for a longer time. So, it’s necessary and practical to get a sofa cover.

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