What Are Suspended Ceiling Systems And Why Are They In Style Now?

What Are Suspended Ceiling Systems And Why Are They In Style Now?

If you’re in the market for a property renovation or new build, you’ve probably heard the term “suspended ceiling systems” thrown around a few times. It’s possible you have a vague idea of what it means, but not quite enough to explain it to someone else in your own words. If you’re considering your ceiling options, but require more information, this blog is for you.

There’s nothing wrong with being curious – that’s what you have us for. The expert team at Capco compiled this basic guide on everything you should know about suspended ceilings before you decide on what you want to be installed in your home or commercial building.

Breaking it Down: Defining the Suspended Ceiling in Ordinary Terms

To start with, let’s answer the core question, “what is a suspended ceiling?”. Suspended ceilings systems, which are also called ‘drop ceilings’, can be described as auxiliary surfaces that are attached beneath a primary ceiling structure to serve as either additional support, decorative accessories, or both. In some cases, suspended ceilings can be detached to allow for maintenance and repair services.

Why Suspended Ceilings are “In” in 2020

Every property owner has unique needs and tastes, which inform the choices they make about their investment. When it comes to ceilings, those of the suspended variety are currently on-trend. “Why?” you may ask. Well, here are a few of the benefits that make it easy to lean towards this type of ceiling design:

  1. They Contribute Towards Keeping the Power Bill Low

Keeping warm in winter uses far less energy when you have a lowered ceiling with great insulation.

  1. They Create the Illusion of Space in Smaller Rooms

If your building is looking and feeling a little cramped, you can install a brightly coloured suspended ceiling to reflect natural light and make the space feel bigger.

  1. Installation is Quick, Safe & Easy

Mounting a suspended ceiling system is a painless exercise, with simple steps to follow.

Suspended ceiling systems are about convenience, style, and effortless function. If you’re looking for more than just a shelter above your head, this is the solution for you. Not sure where to start? Contact us at our KZN branch

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