This winter, don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to interior trends, says the Plascon Colour Advice team

This winter, don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to interior trends, says the Plascon Colour Advice team

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, we do tend to cosy up inside a lot more. In this time of social distancing, however, the importance of home as a space of sanctuary and safety has become all the more evident.

During lockdown, many South Africans are finding themselves embracing serenity and the newfound “joy of missing out” – or, as the social media hashtag puts it, #JOMO. Self-care in the peaceful space of your home combined with therapeutic home improvement activities has now replaced #FOMO.

Colour is ever a strong communicator and changing the hue of your walls will thus dramatically change the way your favourite space can make you feel, aiding your wellness journey. As we have all spent a considerable amount of time at home during lockdown, the easing of lockdown restrictions will bring with it the opportunity to both refresh our interiors and reinforce how much our homes mean in our lives.

To this end, Plascon’s Colour Advice team has come up with a collection of colours to fit the mood of the times. The palette is deep, warm and rich, as darker rooms make excellent relaxing spaces – something we all need after the stress and anxiety of lockdown. Think of the paint colours as soothing and healing.

“First and foremost, winter should be a celebration of the depth of natural colours” explains Plascon’s Nozipho Kunene, who steers Plascon’s Colour Team. She believes that colour “should fascinate, surprise and welcome the unexpected”. In this time of information overload the world is seeing a rise in the search for wellness. Kunene believes, “People are yearning for community and peace and colour has the ability to satisfy those desires.”

The Plascon Colour Advice team has dubbed its deep and hearty new colour palette Smoke & Mirrors – not in homage to a magician’s tricks of the trade, but as an ode to the natural elements of air, water and fire (which produce smoke). Accordingly, contrasts of light and dark drive the Smoke & Mirrors colour palette forward, so you have the option of making a strong statement with profound colour and balancing this with lighter counterpoints.

Plascon’s latest colour palette celebrates the beauty of nature and hibernations with blues that are soothing, reds that are earthy and golden yellows that are heavily rich with “feel-good” benefits. Be ready to embrace Smoke & Mirrors and find comfort, serenity, joy and escapism in its nature-inspired colourways.

If the visual sense of the winter palette could be compared to a sense of taste, then the Smoke & Mirrors palette might taste like a slightly bitter roasted fruit. Unusual, but both sweet and umami on the palate – just the food we need in the colder months.

The warm, red wine colour of Plascon Hot Terracotta R5-C1-1 is not only sensual, it makes a bold statement. Plascon Family Jewels P7-D1-1 is a deep purple beetroot tone that is full of character. It will make the room feel richer without darkening it. Plascon Moody Blue 108 is a true classic blue, just like the feeling of a mid-winter’s evening, that brings honesty and stillness to your space. Imagine pairing the colour of a cold winter blue sky with warm red Glühwein, and then picture bringing that warmth and decadence into your space.

Yet another blue, Plascon Nautilous B6-D1-1, resonates with Plascon Bitter Chocolate R4-E1-1 – in that these two provide the deep earthy tones of this colour story. These particular colours are inspired by that natural place that exists somewhere between lush wetlands and dense woods. They bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Speaking of the forest, Plascon Scuba Duba G6-B1-1 is a lively pine green that adds a facet of saturated bright to the colour palette. Shades of white work as balancing neutrals, while metallics diffuse light and embellish designs. Plascon Golden Syrup Y2-B1-2 is exactly what its name describes – a golden tone that will excite all these hearty colours.

Smoke & Mirrors is designed not just to impress but to drive curiosity. This warm experience of colour can be described as luscious without being ostentatious. From decadent boudoirs to moody kitchens, Plascon predicts that dark hues will dominate interiors this season. Be ready to embrace Smoke & Mirrors and find comfort and serenity in its nature-inspired colourways…
For free advice on how to use the Smoke & Mirrors colours, or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: [email protected].